Rotate pages in Word 2010

The way to rotate the page in Word 2010 is how users resize the paper, rotate it to serve the document with charts, graphs or drawings to represent in the document. Please follow the following article to know how to rotate a paper in Word 2010 offline.

Rotate pages in Word 2010 is a feature that helps users to have more usable area in the page in the process of editing documents containing drawings, charts, graphs.

With Word 2010 we also have a lot of features to assist users in editing documents. The ruler display is also one of those important features. Display Ruler helps users to quickly align, adjust the size of the page to make it reasonable, making documents more beautiful.

In documents that need to rotate pages, drawing pictures in word is used quite a lot. You can learn how to draw pictures in word through the article draw pictures in word To learn details how to draw pictures. And here, will guide you how to rotate the page in Word 2010.

Instructions for rotating pages in Word 2010

First, ask your computer to have Word 2010 installed,

If not, you can download Word 2010 here: Download Word 2010

Step 1: Open Word 2010 you just downloaded and installed successfully.

Step 2: At the program interface, click to select the card Page Layout.

How to rotate pages in word 2010

Step 3: Next, press select Orientation and choose Landspace

Huong dan rotated the page of the paper in word 2010

Step 4: Immediately on the screen word 2010 made the page rotate quickly

collection of rotating pages in word 2010

So we have succeeded in rotating the Word 2010 page, rotating the paper size in Word 2010, it’s simple, right? In addition, we also have a multitude of tricks with Word 2010 software, which can be mentioned as creating dotted lines in the word. Creating dotted lines in word is a way to shorten manipulations when making sample documents, tests and Tab … widely used ever since.

In addition, we can also contour the text to become more eye-catching, and more professional. You can learn how to create contours through the previous tutorials posted to make a beautiful and professional document.
In addition, using Word 2010, you should also learn the formats tabs in Word 2010 To use and present Word documents better, using tabs in word has many effects such as creating dotted lines, creating contours …


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