Rules of Survival is the game with the most players playing in a match

The major update to the game Rules of Survival will expand the number of people who can fight up to 300 lives, let’s download and play Rules Of Survival right on your computer or iPhone, Android device. .

On January 31, the Big Update version of Rules of Survival will officially open. Many important and notable updates will be amended, supplemented and added. It can be said that with this version of Rules of Survival has spread even more.

Rules of Survival will have a new 8×8 km Swamp map. With the image of the windmill being the focal point or noteworthy, there is a field such as mining, the Dam Get amusement park map becomes more attractive than ever in the eyes of the player.

And one thing is sure to make gamers “excited” even more that after this update, the number of players can join the fight. in a Rules of Survival match up to… 300.

The rule of survival is the most challenging game in one

Currently most games exist even on the PC only limited to about 100 people. The previous number of 120 people in addition to Rules of Survival also has some other mobile games allowed such as Tieu Me Thuong Chien (MI Entertainment). However, with the number 300, only Rules of Survival are present, unique.

– Download Rules of Survival for Android
– Download Rules of Survival for iPhone

The rule of survival is the best game in one game

The rule of survival is the best game in one of 4
With the number of people up to 300 matches will become more and more intense. Of course the map will be wider to have enough combat space. Rules of Survival is showing his badass not only with mobile games but also PC is not bored anymore.


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