Samsung’s browser adds the option to bring the address bar down, and “copy cards” from Apple?

In the middle of the year, Apple introduced iOS 15 with a refreshed Safari browser. Now, Safari users can optionally put the address bar down to the bottom for easy manipulation.

After just a few months, Apple’s coffee-loving but also curious competitor, Samsung, did the same. In the v16.0.2.19 update, Samsung’s Internet browser has an option to move the address bar to the bottom edge.

However, the fact that Apple is not the first company to bring the address bar of the mobile web browser to the bottom edge. Microsoft is the first company to do that on the default browser of Windows Phone devices.

Details of the update are as follows:

  • Move the address bar (URL bar) to the bottom edge (optional)
    • The address bar can be moved to the bottom edge for more convenient one-handed use
  • HTTPS Priority Connection (Labs feature)
    • When accessing a website, this feature will prioritize a secure connection and attempt to connect
  • Block tracking with hidden photos (Tracking Pixel)
    • Smart Anti-Tracking has been developed to block tracking using pixelated photos.
  • Advanced search experience in the address bar
    • You can now experience well-organized and premium search suggestions when entering search keywords in the URL bar.

To move the address bar to the bottom edge, you need to access Settings > Layout and menus.

Samsung Internet browser is the default browser that comes pre-installed on mobile devices manufactured by Samsung. However, if you like, you can download Samsung Internet browser from the Google Play Store to install on any Android smartphone.


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