Sandboxie – Create a safe environment for testing applications

Installing and testing non-official applications presents immeasurable risks to your computer. And Sandboxie will be a great solution for you at the moment, it will create a safe environment that allows you to test malicious software without affecting the system.

Sandboxie is a tool to help you test and test the unreliable software on your computer without affecting the system as well as being infected with Virus. Sandboxie creates an independent, secure environment that makes it easy to test and control untrusted programs.

Instructions for testing and testing the safety of software in Sandboxie environment

Step 1: You need to download and install the latest version of Sandboxie

Step 2: Test run and test the safety of the application on Sandboxie

Method 1: On the program interface, right-click on the Sandbox DefaultBox and select Run Sandboxed ->Run Any Program

– A window appears, click Browse and navigate to the path containing the .exe file of the application you want to test run in a safe environment. Then tick the mouse and the item Run As UAC Administrator. Finally hit OK, got it

– Then the application will launch normally (here is Firefox) and have a yellow border around it. Now you can access any Web page, even malicious code, … does not affect the operation of the computer.

Method 2: When you install Sandboxie on your computer, it appears by default in the right-click menu for you to use. Right-click on the software you want to test, test it in a safe environment and select Run Sandboxed.

– When a dialog box appears, tick the item Run As UAC Administrator and press OK, got it

Above, we have shown you how to use Sandboxie to create a safe environment to test and test software on your computer. Hopefully this little tip will help you in the process of using your computer and want to test the software.
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