Save Laptop Battery, increase laptop battery time using Windows 7, 8, 10

You are afraid of not wanting to plug in Laptop battery much but want to work longer without worrying about running out of battery. The following article will guide you to save Laptop battery, how to prevent battery consumption for laptops on windows 7 operating system, and follow along.

Laptop Battery Saver, whichever is the best, refer to the following content to know how to save battery, increase the battery life of your laptop

Ways to save Laptop Battery on Windows 7

1. Reduce the screen brightness to the appropriate level

– Right-click on the Pin icon in the corner of the screen, select More power options

save battery for laptop

– Increase or decrease the brightness by dragging the bar Screen brightness

2. Turn off unnecessary applications that automatically run when booting the system, causing the system to boot longer.

– Click on the button Start (Window), type in the box Search program and files: run then Enter, the Run window appears, type msconfig then enter.

– Appears table System configuration , select to the card Startup and turn off unnecessary applications that automatically run by removing the checkmark and then ok and restart the computer.

3. Remove unnecessary peripherals from the computer such as: USB, portable hard drive, heatsink, mouse, etc.

4. Limit the use of CD and DVD drives

5. Changing the screen resolution to low will consume less battery than high resolution:

– Right-click on the selected Desktop screen Screen Resolution

– Appearing table, you can change the resolution in the cell Resolution

6. Turn off wifi when not in use

7. Keep the laptop in a cool and ventilated place to limit the strong fan cooling

8. Turn off the Aero function in windows 7

– Right-click on the selected Desktop screen Personalize

– Table appears, select Window Color Sky

– Put a check mark in the box Enable transparency

9. Defragment hard drives regularly

– Press the button Start, type in the box search programs and files: disk defragmenter then enter

– Disk defragmentation program Disk defragmenter appears, click Configure schedule

Select the date, time, frequency, choose a drive and then OK

Follow the above steps to ensure your Laptop battery can be used longer than before. Now you use your Laptop go, the battery consumption has been relatively reduced then, in addition, you can adjust the screen brightness for laptop windows 7 8 easily and adjust the level Suitable screen light is also a way to use Laptop battery is longer.
In addition, if you use a Windows 10 laptop, but you do not use the USB plug, you should turn off the USB selective suspend Win 10 to save maximum battery power for your laptop. Turn off USB selective suspend on Windows 10 here.


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