Schedule shutdown win 10 by software

Schedule shutdown win 10 by software

The timer for Windows 10 shutdown with software now has a lot of options for users, among those tools, the Counter Timer is the software that is most highly appreciated with the automatic timer feature, capacity lightweight, free with lots of options and extra utilities.

With Counter Timer shutting down the computer automatically is easier than ever. You will not have to worry much when your computer, laptop running Windows 10 must work too long day and night. If you want to turn off at a certain time, you simply need to make an appointment up to that point, the Counter Timer will help you do it. the timer shuts down the computer, or you can restart the computer, hibernate the computer or exit the current account on the computer or laptop.

Using Counter Timer makes it easy to schedule the computer to shut down

How to schedule Windows 10 shutdown by software

Windows 10 Nowadays, it has become popular and many people choose to use it. If you are also using this operating system, please refer to how to schedule a Windows 10 shutdown using software by following the steps below.

To use Counter Timer software, your computer must have NET Frameworks from version 2.0 or higher.

Step 1: First, you download Counter Timer Follow the download link here.

With this software, after downloading -> you just need to double-click the mouse the software will run automatically, and you do not have to install more complicated steps like other software.

Step 2: To schedule a computer to turn off, at the tab Control -> you choose Shutdown -> The time off you choose the time you want -> then press select Activated to schedule a shutdown.

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When you activate the shutdown timer -> until the appointment is scheduled, your computer will automatically perform the shutdown to turn off the computer.

Also at the tab Control, you can also:

– Set the time to restart the computer.
– Set the time for the computer to hibernate.
– Set the time to log out of user accounts.

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Step 3: If you want to perform the shutdown, restart, logoff the computer, it can be done right on the Counter-Timer software.

To do this -> click Selection -> then select the off, restart, log off … as you like. To turn off the software, you can also choose Exit in this tab.

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In addition, you also have quick access to other Windows utilities such as:

– Add or Remove Program,
– Computer Mangement (manage drives, defragment HDD, shared folders).
– Account User,
– Control Panel,
– Task Manager,
– Registry,
– Run and other utilities such as virtual keyboard, computer, sound adjustment, mouse settings …

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Using Counter-Timer does not merely help you set timed shutdown win 10 by software It’s free, which is really handy with many other utilities that you use often today.
In addition to the software shutdown timer, you can also make a win 10 shutdown timer by using the commands available when you go to Run or set an appointment on Task Scheduler. Refer to the detailed implementation of to know how to use the functions available on Windows 10.


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