Scrollbar in CSS, with illustrative example

Scrollbar in CSS, with illustrative example

In the previous CSS lesson, introduced you to custom size properties in CSS, the next lesson below will introduce you to Scrollbar in CSS.

To learn the scrollbar, scrollbar in CSS, read along to refer to the following CSS lesson of In addition, readers can refer to some other existing lessons to learn more about syntax and selector in CSS.

Scrollbar in CSS

Scrollbar in CSS

In some cases the content of an element may be larger than the allocated space. For example, the width and height properties do not have enough room to contain the content of the element.

In CSS there is a property called overflow, this property tells the browser how to handle if the content in the frame is larger than the frame size.

The overflow property in CSS can take one of the following values:

scrollbar in css

scrollbar in css 2

For example:

scrollbar in css 3

The output will look like the following:

scrollbar in css 4

The above lesson has just introduced you to the scrollbar in CSS. Also readers can refer to some other articles already on to learn more about the properties Format tables in CSS.
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