Search for GIFs on the Google search engine

Search for GIFs on the Google search engine

Are you looking for a GIF file on Google search? Normally you want to search for animation on Google, you just need to type in the keyword of the animation you want to search for.

The results appear on Google when searching for animations, you have to take a look at each result to choose the appropriate animation. In the framework of the article below, will help you find the best animation. Stay tuned for how to do it.

Instructions for searching GIF files on Google

Step 1: Go to the Google search engine at, type the file name Gif I need to find, yes click on item search.

Search for gif on google

Step 2: Select the item Picture.

There will be a lot of pictures here GIF you are looking for, but finding which one to download is difficult.

Step 3: Next Click on the item Search tools.

To enter Species

Choose Animation and let Google Automatically search for files GIF (Animation) for you.
Hopefully this article of will help you find GIF animations on Google search engine more easily. In addition, you can also refer to the way Find the same image on google image to save more time


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