Search for large, fast files on your computer

Finding large files is not easy with manual work. Within the limit of this article, will guide you how to quickly find large files on your computer.

In the process of using the computer, the data files, junk files are generated a lot of causing memory consumption, especially large files. Through this article you will know how to quickly find large files on your computer instead of manual methods that take a lot of time and effort.

Not only on the computer system, you can find files by size, but on Gmail, you can easily find emails by large or small volumes, the feature to find emails by capacity is deployed by gmail to support User can choose to find old emails.

Instructions Quick search for large files on your computer

Step 1: Open the drive on your computer to find large files (Here search on drive C). Enter the command line search entry size: gigantic.

Search for content quickly

Step 2: The system automatically searches and displays large files for you to see immediately

– Now for those files no longer needed, you can delete it from your computer to significantly increase the disk space by right-clicking the selected file Delete or select the file and press Shift + Delete to permanently delete it from the system.
So you know how to quickly search for large files on your computer system. In addition, to search data files on your computer effectively, you can use Everything, Listary or Zipsearch available on


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