Search subtitles for movies on VLC using VLSub

Search subtitles for movies on VLC using VLSub

VLC is one of the most popular software today that not only owns many outstanding features such as image quality, sound but also has a subtitle search function for the currently playing video. In this article, will show you how to search for subtitles for movies on VLC using VLSub.

VLSub is an add-on to find subtitles for VLC Media Player, especially capable of searching for subtitles for Videos in many different languages ​​quickly and easily.

Instructions for Searching subtitles for movies on VLC with VLSub

Step 1: Install VLSub on existing VLC software. (You can download the latest version of VLCMedia Player

To add subtitle search feature for VLC. You download VLSub

After the download is complete, you can extract the folder extensions you copy this folder to the program installation drive VLC follow the path C:Program FilesVideoLANVLClua or C:Program Files (86)VideoLANVLClua then this feature is available.

Step 2 Find subtitles

You open the video you want to find subtitles with VLC to find subtitles for this movie, go to the bar Menu –> press View –> choose VLsub to open the utility interface. Select the subtitle language of the movie you want to find at Subtitles language, add part number (Season) and episode number (Episode).

To search for subtitles press the button Search by hash nice Search by name. The found video subtitles will appear in the box below, select the appropriate video subtitle and press the . button Download selection to download.

To set subtitles to default display press the . button Show config on the interface and then press Save.

And watch Video with subtitles .
Above are the basic steps to search for subtitles for movies on VLC with VLSub without having to waste time searching for subtitles through Web sites. In addition, you can refer to Watch Videos with Subtitles on Windows Media Player, Add hard subtitles directly to the Video. If you often watch movies on MangoTV, you know how to adjust subtitles, video quality on will be very helpful, help you watch quality videos, get the best experience.


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