Secure data with A + Folder Locker

A + Folder Locker is one of the most secure data protection software for many users. The following article will guide how to use this utility software, you refer.

Unlike other folder protection software such as Folder Lock, Hide Folders, RAR Password Unlocker …., A + Folder Locker is using the most powerful encryption algorithms today such as DES, Blowfish, Cast128, Ice, RC2 ….. and you can feel secure when using, please refer to the following article to know how to use this utility software.

Secure data with A + Folder Locker

Download and install the software. Download: A + Folder Locker

1) Lockers:

Here you can create an area to store important data, you can lock files, lock any folder on your computer, with password settings for each access … stuff Create New Locker. Especially with A + Folder Locker with virtual keyboard support to use it more safely. After creating your safety zones, you can manage them with Manage Lockers

2) Encryption

Here you can encrypt data with the most modern algorithms such as DES, Blowfish, Cast128, Ice, RC2 … Help you can ensure absolute safety for your data.

3) Data Concealing

Here you can hide any file and, along with the image on your computer, hidden data will not be searched in normal ways, with two features: Hide Files and Folders and Unhide Files and Folders.

4) Tool

Here with features File Shredder, you can permanently delete data that cannot be recovered by other specialized software

So with the above article, you can safely protect your data from unwanted access from others with the utility software A + Folder Locker. In addition, you can also refer to some other utility software such as: RoboForm, SecurityPlus …. of us.


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