Select the frame size for recording videos in OBS

Select the frame size for recording videos in OBS

The size of the screen window when recording a video screen with Open Broadcaster is an important determinant of the frame, the video quality can be obtained, so knowing how to customize the window size when recording live streaming follow by OBS is absolutely necessary. This article will guide you to choose the OBS video recording size.

Currently there are many tools that support various live video streaming such as Xsplit or streaming mobile games using BlueStacks Android Emulator. Open Broadcast Software is a leading tool in helping you stream live video, live stream to websites and social networks. And choosing the size of video recording by downloading OBS is also important every time you stream videos online. The following guide will help you better understand how to choose an OBS video recording size.

Instruction Select the frame size for video recording in OBS

Step 1: Before starting a live stream, stream it with OBS. At the main interface of the tool, click on the item Settings

Select the OBS video recording size

Step 2: In the Settings section, there are many settings for you to customize. Choose a card Video to customize parameters related to the video frame size in OBS

Instructions for selecting the OBS video recording size

Step 3: Section Output (Scaled) Resolution Click on the drop down arrow and you can select the size and screen resolution that you want to change then click OK to finish.

How to choose the size of OBS video recording

Step 4: Return to the main screen, use the mouse pointer to move the red border around the screen to shrink the display to your liking. Because OBS will play at the maximum size of the screen, the leftovers will display black.

How to change, Choose the appropriate OBS video recording size
So guided you to choose the size of OBS video recording. For videos that are streamed, output with lower resolution and size will have a lower capacity meaning that the transmission becomes smoother than full size. If you encounter an error during the installation of Open Broadcast Software, please refer to the article on how to install Open Broadcaster to be able to use this software on your computer.


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