Select the paper size in OpenOffice

Selecting the paper size in OpenOffice is quite simple and easy to perform similar to in Microsoft Word 2003, 2007 or 2010. Please read the following article of to know how to do it.

OpenOffice is the leading open source office application today and is quite similar to MS Office 2016 or lower versions. With the advantage of light capacity, occupying a relatively low amount of RAM, easy to use and runs smoothly even on older computers such as Office 2016. However, the main difference between these two tools is that OpenOffice is completely free.

In addition to full support for text editing programs, Calc calculation, Impress performance, Base database, besides there are 2 more extended programs than MS Office, Math for calculating and Draw for graphics. In the previous article, we showed you how Insert link in OpenOffice So how to choose the correct paper size size.

Guidelines for choosing paper size in OpenOffice

– Download OpenOffice: OpenOffice

In the previous topic, we sent people the way Choose the size of the paper size in LibreOfficeIf you are interested in readers, you can refer to and below is the guide for choosing the paper size in OpenOffice.

Step 1: On the toolbar, select “Format” => “Page …”.

Select the size of the openoffice shoe

Step 2:

– In tab “Page”, in “Format”, select the paper size you want such as A4, B5, B6 …

Select the size of the openoffice shoe

– In addition, if not satisfied with the default size of the paper size. Users can further customize in the “Width” and “Height”. Finally click “OK” to complete.

So has guided you how to choose the paper size in OpenOffice. Also can refer to more ways Draw shapes in OpenOffice to get the required drawings when drafting documents, work with this office toolkit. Hope you are succesful !


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