Sell ​​on Instagram the most effective

Sell ​​on Instagram the most effective

Currently, it is becoming a powerful tool to effectively support online sales. So how to sell and make money online effectively on Instagram. In today’s article, will guide you in detail!

Table of Contents:
1. Convert account to business profile.
2. Research hashtag.
3. Running ads.
4. Use the Instagram Shopping feature.
5. Interact with influential people.

Ways to make money online by selling on Instagram

1. Convert individual accounts to business records

If you want to make money online on Instagram from selling goods, you need to convert your standard Instagram profile to a business profile first. This gives you access to several sales and reporting options. To do this, follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in to your account and click the cheese-like button at the top right of the dashboard
Step 2: Touch Setting
Step 3: choose “Switch to Business page”

After completing these operations, your instagram personal account has been transferred to a business account. When switching to this mode, there are some interesting features that you should pay attention to:

Instagram Insights

This feature will be a great help for the process of selling and making money online. You can easily access on the phone. In the tab Activity, you’ll find metrics like Instagram page visits, website clicks, visits, and impressions. In the tab Nội dung, you can get a more detailed view of the performance of each Instgram post, including Instgram hits and interactions with each post. In the tab Audience, you can track the location, age and gender of your followers, as well as the date and time they are most active on Instagram.

CTA icon

This icon appears at the top of your Instagram profile under your profile and it gives people the option to call, email or get directions to your business.

Story links

Instagram will not allow users to insert links in posts but only allow you to insert links under the information section of your account. Therefore, pay close attention to the information in this section. You should insert sales links on Facebook, web, … of the products you sell so that customers will be easier to track and order.

Link to Facebook

You can link your Instagram account to your sales Facebook and start running ads through Business Manager / Ads Manager.

2. Research hashtag

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The hashtag research also has a huge influence on the process of selling and making money online on Instagram because it helps businesses reach more customers. Therefore, in this process, you should discover which hashtags are being sought by users with products you sell. To do this you can go to Discover> Search> Tags and search for terms related to your product. You will then see the number of posts that have used the hashtag. Then, when posting sales, you should include the popular hashtags so customers can find you more easily and add your posts to the Discover section.

Besides, in your sales post, you should add many hashtags such as hashtags related to your products, businesses, .., the hashtags that you think customers will use when searching for products. Your hashtag about promotions, discounts, … to attract more customers.

3. Running ads

If you want your sales posts to reach more customers, more followers of your sales Instagram page so you can accomplish your online monetization goals, then you should consider running ads on Instagram by selecting the “Promote” feature in the Instagram app.

4. Use the Instagram Shopping feature

You hang on Instagram

When you sell some products that customers may be attracted to through images such as clothes, utensils, food, etc., this feature will be very useful because customers will sometimes tend to click. Photos to see. For this feature, you will attach an image of product details such as pricing, purchase links, messaging icons, etc. so that customers can connect to your sales page easily. It’s easier to decide on a purchase or find out more about the products you currently have.

5. Interact with influential people

Another way you can increase the number of customers who interact with your site is interacting with the most influential people on Instagram. These can be celebrities, people with large Followers, … Customers will tend to trust and interact with these people a lot by liking, commenting and sharing posts and you should not Take this precious opportunity to promote your products and make money online for free. Simply leave a comment below the comments section of the posts of influencers and interact with the users who have commented here (reply with comments by tag name), you will be able to attract significantly. customer. Accordingly, you need to invest in the content of your comment so attractive, customers will “grope” on your site and you will sell more easily.
With the information on the article, has instructed readers on how to sell, Make money online on Instagram. If you have any questions or concerns, please leave your comments! Hello and see you again in the next article


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