Set control limits with TeamViewer

Set control limits with TeamViewer

You’ve probably used TeamViewer at least once to guide your friends or send files, transfer files, right? In this article, will set you a control limit using TeamViewer, helping you better understand the functions in TeamViewer that you can use.

TeamViewer is software that allows you to control remotely from your device, computer and laptop to another computer, laptop as long as both sides use TeamViewer. In addition to TeamViewer, surely we also heard a lot about it along with Ultraviewer software, both Ultraviewer and TeamViewer times have computer control features.

How to set up control of TeamViewer on computer

Using TeamViewer to connect computers, share files also has a lot of functions to help protect you from other malicious intent, the settings in TeamViewer are many and rich but few people pay attention to these features. In the previous article, introduced you how Set a permanent password on TeamViewer, if you haven’t seen it, you can refer to it right here. In this article, we will go into more in depth issues, help you set control limits on TeamViewer, understand it better.

Instructions for setting up control of TeamViewer.

Step 1: First, you need to enter Options to access the settings of the TeamViewer system.

Design the control panel teamviewer

Step 2: Choose a card Advanced and choose Show advanced Options to show advanced custom features, including setting control limits with the TeamViewer we need.

setting up teamviewer control on the computer

Step 3: TeamViewer provides us with 3 main items that are setting a control limit with TeamViewer that applies to the access machine, the accessed device and in live meetings with each other.

In the first part is Advanced settings for connection to this computer, the settings in this section dictate that other computers want to access it subject to the conditions set forth earlier. Set limits with 5 levels are Full Access, Confirm All, View and Show, Custom Settings, Deny incomming remote control sesions.

Design the control panel teamviewer

Full Access: This is a control setting that allows the person who controls your computer to use all the rights, equivalent to sitting on your own computer.

set the right to control teamviewer control

Confim all: In this setup, in addition to the file transfer and screen exchange allowed, all other features must be approved by the device being accessed.

Design a teamview control panel

View and Showing: Mode allows the operator to see your screen only, of course, it must be after your permission.

Design the control panel teamviewer

Custom Settings: Finished option for you, here you are free to set up the features you want for those who want to access your device.

Design the control panel teamviewer

Deny incomming remote control sesions: Maximum mode, prohibits all connections to your computer. Of course, using this mode means you should not use TeamViewer anymore.

Design the control panel teamviewer would like to explain more about the features allowed and not allowed.
Connect and view my Screen: Allow connection and view the screen.
Control this Computer: Authorized to control this computer.
Transfer files: Transfer files, files from the computer to.
Establish a VPN connection to this computer: Allow establishing a VPN connection on this computer
Lock the local keyboard and mouse: Lock the keyboard and mouse on the device.
Control the local TeamViewer: Control computers in the same network.
File Trasfer using the file box: Support file transfer by file box.
Print on remote Printer: Allow remote printing.
Change sides allowed: Allowed to switch sides of the screen.

At each option you have 3 more options Allow (allow), Denied (deny) and Afterconfirmation (agree to the permission of the controller).

The next part is Advanced settings for connections to other computers with the same functions as above, but this section is for setting up a control limit with TeamViewer on the controlled computer, ie when you connect to that machine.

Design the control panel teamviewer

The final part is Advanced settings for meetings, perhaps this part is of little interest when only for online meetings and seminars. There are a few features that are different from others Host Meetings (Set host host), or Join meetings (Set up for participants) or Record meetings (Record the conference.)

Design the control panel teamviewer

Step 4: You can set the test level, when successful setup that other machines want to access your computer will have to get your machine’s consent.

Design the control panel teamviewer

Even features Request remote control allowing you to control the mouse and keyboard also requires the other computer.

Design the control panel teamviewer

With so many control limits set by TeamView, you should know how to make better use of the software. Since then the connection control between computers will be much better than before. In addition, on TeamViewer also supports screen capture or chat in TeamViewer, you should also learn more features such as screenshot in TeamViewer to use it more fluently.
Or if TeamViewer feels too complicated, why not try to connect a remote computer with Anydesk, a software that is considered a rival of TeamViewer. Job Connect a remote computer with Anydesk It is also very simple and the settings are quite basic and easy.


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