Set hidden / visible File, Folder on Linux operating system

Setting hidden files and folders on your computer helps you keep those data safe to prevent unauthorized access. Within the limit of this article, will guide you how to set / hide files / folders on Linux operating system.

Hiding important files and folders to avoid data loss is an operation so familiar to Windows users. However, for Linux operating systems, many users still do not know how to set up. No need to install additional 3rd party software, you can still set up, show files and folders on Linux with the following actions.

Instructions to set / hide files / folders on Linux

To set up hidden files, folders on Linux you just need to rename and add a dot before the file name, the folder to be hidden. Immediately those files or folders will be hidden from the computer

To display hidden files and folders on Linux, in the file manager, folder you click View ->Show Hidden Files to display hidden files and folders.

Alternatively, you can view hidden files and folders in the dialog box Open good Save by right-clicking the folder containing them and selecting Show Hidden Files.
Above, we have shown you how to set up / hide files and folders on Linux operating system, so you can protect important data on your computer. In addition, you can use software to lock and hide folders such as: Free Hide Folder, Anvide Lock Folder, …


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