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Set password for Folder, set password for Folder, there are instructions


If your computer has folders containing private files that you do not want others to have access to view, the best way is that you should set a password for your Folder. Follow the article below to know how to set a password for Folder with the best software available today.

Software, applications that set pass for Folder effectively

1. Secure Folder: Pros: Free, set pass for Folder quickly and effectively. Download Secure Folder about computers.

2. Folder Guard: Set a password for the directory, set a password for the whole drive (C, D, E …). However, you have to pay after 30 trials Folder Guard.

3. Folder Lock: Set password for Folder with smart encryption algorithms, protect data absolutely safe. Also, Folder Lock allows Create passwords directly on drives, USB drives, CD / DVD, Flash Driver …

4. Easy File Locker: Set pass for Folder easily just a few mouse clicks. Especially Easy File Locker be free to use

5. File locker: Extremely powerful functions such as encrypting files, folders … on all formats. Download File locker about computers.


Step 1: Download and install the software. If no software you can download the latest version of Folder Lock here.

Step 2: Installing the software: Quite simple, you just need to click Next and follow the instructions.

Step 3: After downloading and installing, open the software, you will see the following interface:

Step 4: At the box Set Master Password, Enter the password you want to create and press OK, got it The software will ask you to enter the password one more time to confirm.

After the password has been set, click Add, choose Add Folder If you want to lock the entire folder, Add File If you want to lock the file.

Step 5: You have chosen a folder to lock OK, got it

Step 6: When the word appears Locked at the side of the folder indicates that the folder is locked

Next time you want to access the locked folder, you just need to access the software Folder Locker, click on the directory in the list as is. If you do not want to lock anymore, you click on Unlocked is to be
So above we have introduced and instructed you how to set a pass for Folder with the best software currently appreciated by a large number of users. So you can protect important documents on your computer to prevent theft, unauthorized access by others.



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