Set password to protect USB with USB Flash Security

Using USB to store data has been quite popular today. For many reasons, users will leave sensitive, important or private data, when falling into the hands of others, will lead to many unnecessary consequences. with USB Flash Security.

USB is a very popular data storage device today, due to the convenience it brings. However, these types of devices are compact and easily dropped, forgotten, if the user does not notice. For all computer users, to own a USB at this time is relatively easy and affordable, depending on the needs of each person, there are USB users to copy music, movies, games, …

Instructions for setting a USB password with USB Flash Security

Before you set the password, you should copy all the data in the USB because the program during the installation process will delete all the data in the USB.

Step 1: Open the program, plug the USB into the computer, the installation interface appears below. Choose Install to install.

USB password installation

Step 2: At this step will notify all data will be deleted when installing. Choose OK, got it to continue.

Step 3: In this step we will enter the Password to access the USB in the section Please set the password to the disk of USB, set up suggestion questions in case you forgot your password at Please set a hint for the password to remember you. After setup is complete we choose OK, got it to continue.

Step 4: In this step, the program will be notified to use 4GB of USB, select I have confirmed the contents, then select next -> to continue.

Step 5: In this step will inform USB Flash Security will be installed on USB and data will be erased, select It doesn’t matter that data disappear, then select Begin the Installation to continue.

Step 6: In this step choose Close to complete the USB installation process.

Step 7: After installation is complete, access Computer, USB icon will be as shown below.

Step 8: Access to USB, then Double-click UsbEter.ex

– A box asking for password will appear, after choosing a password, select OK, got it.

– We access Computer, USB icon as shown below.

From here, every time you access the USB, you will always have to enter the password, in addition to managing and setting up the USB features, you must open the USB Flash Security program.

Components of the USB Flash Security application after setting the password for the USB device

– The main interface of USB Flash Security

+ Operation: Remove the password to USB to the original state, check if the USB is unlocked or not …

+ Setting: Basic settings for the program.

+ Tool: Used to Format USB.

+ License: Copyright information.

+ Help: Instructions for use, see version.

Remove the password of USB Flash Security and return to the original state

The password can only be removed in case the USB is in a protected state. If you have entered the password to access the USB, you need to disconnect the USB to the computer, then plug it back in to remove the password.

Steps to remove the password:

  • Plug the USB into the device.
  • Then activate the USB Flash Security software.
  • choose Operation -> Uninstall … from the software menu.
In the framework of the above article, we have shown you how to set a password to protect USB by USB Flash Security software. In this way, all data stored on the USB device will not be accessed by anyone illegally. Alternatively, you can reference and use tricks Prevent writing data on USB with USB WriteProtector to prevent other users from copying your data.


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