Set VLC to automatically resize vertical video playback

Set VLC to automatically resize vertical video playback

VLC Media Player window resizing tips is a simple solution to help you can always watch videos along the computer screen to the fullest size, while still taking advantage of the remaining space. Back of the screen to do other jobs.

Most of the current videos and clips are recorded in landscape mode. However, with the strong development of video-recording applications on phones, or social networks such as Snapchat, Instagram, … vertical videos are becoming more and more popular.

Automatically resize VLC windows

Users can fully view the clips, videos along the phone with just enough frame. However, when viewed on a computer, the video player will not be able to display perfectly, there will always be a black space appearing on both sides of the content.

In this article, Taimienphi will show you how to install auto-collapse, resize VLC window when playing vertical video on computer.

Instructions for resizing VLC windows

First of all, you need to install or update the latest VLC video player on the device, the quick download link of the software will be shared immediately below Taimienphi.
– Download VLC software for Windows here: Download VLC
– Download VLC software for Mac here: Download VLC for Mac
Next up, you open the VLC software on your computer, and follow these steps to set up automatic resizing of VLC windows on your computer.

Step 1: First, click on the tool Tools (Tools) on the menu bar and select Preferences (Customizable) or press the key combination Ctrl + P.

video editing software change video doc 2

Step 2: In the window Simple Preferences (Simple customization mode), you choose the card Interface (Display).
Step 3: Next, you drag the screen down, find and tick the item Resize interface to video size (Change interface size to video size). You continue to press the button Save (Save) so VLC remembers the setting.

video editing software change video doc 3

After successful setup, you open a vertical video, period VLC video window will automatically collapse, in accordance with the video format as shown below.

change the vlc automatic change video doc 4

Through the content of the article, Taimienphi has presented 3 quick, simple steps to set up automatically resize VLC video playback. From now on, you can safely watch vertical videos with the best display, and take advantage of the screen’s working space more effectively. In addition, you refer more How to cut video with VLC here.


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