Shape builder tool in Illustrator

The Shape Builder tool in Illustrator is used to adjust lines and shapes. In the following article, will introduce you to familiarize with the Shape builder tool in Illustrator.

In the previous article, showed you how to change the default background color in Illustrator, and refer to the following article of to learn the Shape builder tool in Illustrator.

Familiarize yourself with the Shape builder tool in Illustrator

The Shape Builder tool in Illustrator allows users to create complex objects by simply grouping and deleting objects, selecting edges and areas of objects that can be merged or deleted to create new objects. Alternatively, users can also break overlapping objects to create new ones.

The style attributes of the object are passed after being lumped. By default, the Shape Builder tool is in Merge mode, but if you want you can switch to Erase mode (delete) using the Alt key (on Windows) or Option (on the Mac).

1. Create an object with the Shape Builder tool

Step 1: Click on the tool Selection in the Tools panel, then the paths you want to include to form an object, a unique image.

Step 2: Click on the tool Shape Builder in the tool panel. By default Merge (pooled) mode is selected.

Step 3: To break or extract an area from an object or image, click the selected area.

Step 4: To merge paths, drag the paths along the area.

2 areas are combined to form a new image. Attributes from the area are applied to merged or merged shapes.

Tips: Press and hold Shift key Simultaneously drag across links to display the most rectangular area and merge multiple paths quickly.

Step 5: To delete links, press Alt key (on Windows) or Option (on a Mac) and click the private area or edge you want to delete.

Curve shape builder tool in illustrator

2. Set the Shape Builder tool options

Step 1: Double click on the Shape Builder tool on the Tools panel.

Step 2: To detect and display distances between objects, check the box Gap Detection, then select Gap Length or Small (3 points), Medium (6 points), or Large (12 points), or check the box Custom and optional point size length.

Curvy shape builder tool in illustrator 2

Note: Make sure the distance length value is close to the actual distance length, otherwise Illustrator cannot detect it.

Step 3: Customize Options and Highlight settings:

– Consider Open Filled Path as Closed: Option to create invisible edge for open path to create area.

– In Merge Mode, Clicking Stroke Splits the Path: Select this option to split the parent path into 2, the first edge when you click on the specified split location.

– Pick Color From: Select Color Swatches or Artwork as the source color range for objects. If you select Color Swatches, make sure the box is checked Cursor Swatch Preview to preview and choose a color.

– Fill: Choose to highlight the area covered by gray or hover over the selected path.

– Highlight Stroke When Editable: Highlight the stroke with your chosen color.

Step 4: Click here OK, got it

Curve the shape builder tool in Illustrator

The above article has just introduced you how to use the Shape builder tool in Illustrator. In addition, if you have any questions or questions, you can leave your comments in the comment section below the article.
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