Share HR management file with standard Excel

In addition to using specialized software for professional human resource management, using and using the Human Resource Management File in Excel is also the solution selected by many small and medium-sized enterprises, used in personnel management. the. If you are looking for the latest and best of Human Resource Management Files in Excel, the following content will be very helpful for you.

Human Resource Management Also known as human resource management, this is the management of the labor force of an organization, company, society … Human resource management is responsible for attracting, recruiting, training , assess and also supervise leaders, employees, supervise corporate culture and especially ensure compliance with Vietnam’s labor law. Below, would like to share to you the latest Excel human resource management files 2019.

Human resource management with the latest Excel 2019

Human resource management template with standard Excel

In this article, we will introduce and send you the 2 latest Excel HR management templates in 2019 (download 2 templates in detail at the end of the article). Because the file has XLSX format extension, you should use Excel from Excel 2007 or later.

File used VNI font so if your computer cannot read this font then you need to download VNI font install the font will read data in Excel file.

Sample 1: Standard, latest Excel personnel management file

This template file is designed with many handy sheets for personnel management. There is a sheet to enter content into the list of staff – employees, a summary of human resources, a discipline data sheet, a employee reward sheet, a salary adjustment sheet, etc.

Sheet containing data of officials and employees throughout the company

Data need to be staffed

Sheet contains data summarizing human resources

data in human resources

Sheet contains discipline data

Law records in the company

Sheet contains reward data

commendation in the company

Sheet containing salary adjustment data

data management

In addition, there are many other great sheets full of content needed to support, help you do well in human resource management. Details download the full content file at the end of the article and then open and use it.

Form 2: Personnel management form and standard contract forms

Sheet containing employee data

List of employees

Sheet contains seasonal contracts, 1 year contracts, indefinite contracts …

labor contract data

Sheet of contract commitment

Data connection agreement

Sheet Decision to raise salary

The decision to determine the law

– Download the 2 full versions of Excel’s personnel management files in 2019 here: Download Here

The content above we have just shared and sent to you samples Personnel management file with standard Excel help you do HR management HR management easily and most effectively.

In addition, also shares other management files on such areas as: warehouse, supplies; debt control; Sales manager … quite detailed for you and your business to reference and use.
– View and download Excel file for managing warehouses and supplies here.
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