Shocking people in the AOE empire

Being earlier than the opponent is one of the top tasks in the AOE empire, because if you rise earlier than the opponent you will have many advantages, but to be able to rise early, the shocking of the empire No fault, avoid error status is extremely important in the AOE empire.

To shock people in the AOE empire to avoid civil errors, it is necessary to apply science in coordinating people to eat fruit, eat food … there are many ways that the players apply and do not have a certain standard. both. Each type of army will have different ways of fighting, so the alignment of people working is also different.

Shocking people in the AOE empire

As we know real timber resources are the most important resources in the AOE empire. Real resources include fruits, deer, elephants and lions. The calculation of real resources is enough to shock people, to avoid the slow population is not a difficult job of the pro. For new players, this is not simple.

Shocking people in the AOE empire

For those who do not have the empire game download here: Download Empire

1. Life 1:

– At the beginning of the game, you have 3 farmers and 200 real.

* Shang people have 35 real (you can get 5 people and 25 real surplus)
* Real Palmyran 75 people (you can only ask for 2 people and excess of 50 items)
* With the rest of the army the people are 50 real (get 4 people)

– Initially, you let 2 people build 2 BE houses, the rest went to find fruit yards.

* For Shang, Palmyran and Persian people If your first steps are to find an elephant or a deer right next to your main house, you should drag the elephant to eat first. And quickly find a bush to close the first BS (the sooner the first BS is closed, the stronger the wooden force will be later, convenient for growing)

– When finding a fruit yard, you close BG

* If Shang army, you only give 4 people to eat fruit
* For other troops, 6 people eat fruit

Attention: If the fruit mine is bad, then an additional 1 person should eat fruit

– People 7 for detecting, people 8-9 you to cut wood. 10th people give you a house BE

* Every time the Time Limit is 2, you let people close BE. For example: (6/8), (10/12), (14/16) …

– Apart from fruit-eaters, all focus on eating wood and eating trees near the house. When you have enough 125 wood, you should build the first BS, so put the first BS in beautiful forests (Priority is given to timber from pine forests). For 5-6 people to eat wood depending on you, the rest will go to eat deer or fruit.

* With Palmyran troops then only fighting 17-18 people is to stop and trigger life 2

* For the guillotine will hit 22-24 people depending on the song and then click life 2

* Particularly with bows then they will fight 25-27 people and then start life 2

During the second life of the house, please close the BB house to ensure the second life to close the house.

2. Life 2:

Identify the people in Aoe 2

– After the 2nd generation, you urgently closed houses BL (for slashing troops) or BA (for bows) and BM. When the actual amount increases to 800 real, you activate life 3

– In the process of life up 3

* If you fight guillotine then you give 5-6 people play BS gold
* And if fighting bow, you cut wood in BM home, close more fields and increase the population to eat wood.

3. Life 3:

– When you finish 3, focus on upgrading the wheel and shocking people

* If the guillotine you should ask a few guillotine to manage the map or harass the opponent’s house to not let them grow big (remember to upgrade the skills and crafts in the BS house to slash more effectively)
* If it is a military supply, please ask a few troops, concentrate on shocking people to cut wood, draw fields and dig gold (pay attention to upgrade timber cutting and gold digging in BM houses to improve productivity)
* Besides, you should also build BC houses, when there will appear more patient houses (patients are the main house to ask people) to develop more buffaloes.

Conditions for life 4

– Your farmer must have over 45 people (then your force can really meet the development in life 4)
– Must build more cannon (BK) or witch (BP)
– 1,000 real and 800 gold
Through this article, would like to show you how to shock the people in the AOE empire to avoid the situation of delayed population leading to the later life. For different types of army there will be different ways of fighting. Building a house is also very important when playing to help you protect the people to cut down the field, refer to the methods home bo in the empire has been shared on offline.


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