Short sad lonely poem, lonely mood, longing for a good lover

Not only joy and sadness, loneliness is also depicted in each line of good poetry, helping the writer to express emotions and express thoughts. Moreover, these sad lonely poems also help readers feel the lonely mood, find the harmony in their hearts.

In addition to happy times, adulthood is also associated with loneliness, uncertainty and lost in love and life. Thus, sad poems alone were born. If you are feeling sad, lonely, do not ignore this beautiful poem.

A lonely poem with 2 sentences, many beautiful and meaningful sentences

1. Alone

…alone alone quietly alone

Alone, sad, sitting alone

The dawn dawned alone thinking

Alone silently watching the sunset

Life is just playing alone

Leaving alone in the morning, afternoon, evening,

Waking up in the middle of the night crying alone

Alone to let loose…

(Trung Thanh Poetry – Group: Poems and Love Songs that transcend time)

2. Once unfinished

I’m the one who was once unfinished,

Once over to pray for love indebtedness!

Sad or happy, now I’m alone,

Friends with silence and emptiness!

I used to have many sunny days,

Never expected the bitter drops of rain to fall…

I don’t want sad parting,

The old family I try to keep!

I’ve gotten out of hand many things,

There’s nothing left but a messy heart…

The old dream of going to paradise,

Now broken into a thousand bitterness!

Do you feel sorry for my empty life?

Are you sad to follow the silence of the king?

Do you sympathize or do you just despise,

The girl is walking unfinished?

I don’t expect one more grace,

I’ve broken it, so I’m afraid of love!

Only a few strands of late afternoon sunlight,

Reminds me of loving things…..


My life must embrace sadness forever,

Or one day love will come to you again?

(Dinh Pham’s Poetry – Group: Poems and Love Songs Beyond Time)

I'm sorry

Lonely poetry, sad poem alone mood

3. Short sad lonely poem number 3

Drinking the dew drops alone

Facing a long, sad day alone

Alone a shadow

Alone and lonely in the gentle afternoon

Standing alone in the middle of the night

Alone quietly on the porch watching the moon

Sitting alone with sadness

Alone with great sadness

Alone with the anomalies

Alone picking up boredom around

Alone bud on a branch

Alone sucking plastic, alone bloom

Alone in the sun, alone in the rain

Alone, alone, early afternoon alone

Alone to welcome the sunrise

Alone in the wind, alone in the sunset

Alone, old and wilted

Alone, lost souls

I love the world alone

Breathe in panic alone!.

(Poetry Duc Hoang – Group: Poems and Love Songs that transcend time)

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4. Live alone, embrace the application

Living alone embracing loneliness

Not because of mourning for the old days

But seeing the pain is enough

So I’m bored and don’t cherish it anymore

There are times when I feel like playing with my heart

Because the memory of a time is still somewhere

Accidentally hurt martial arts

My heart aches even though I tried to let go

It’s really sad to live alone

Who doesn’t crave happiness?

With a passionate heart full of boiling

Let’s wait for a tragic ending

It’s only a pity that life has hundreds of thousands of roads

Different people are common sense

Not everyone is perfect

People who laugh at people who are miserable are just like that

Living alone embraces loneliness.

(Bich Phuong Poetry – Group: Poems and Love Songs that transcend time)

5. Alone

We are alone again in the deserted alley.

Afternoon smoke spread white pieces of orphaned love.

Same old road, so familiar.

But now the step suddenly seems strange.

The person missed the appointment and left in a hurry.

As if the early green leaves were far from the branches.

Leave this place alone.

With the same nostalgia for the years to come.

Release the smoke of the soul into the quiet night.

Bitter drops of immense silence.

Cold in my heart even though it’s already winter.

Maybe it’s just the love that can’t be forgotten.

The lonely road we trudge.

Silently weary of the pain.

Pretending to smile, pretending that they are still together.

To be strong for the next half of life, move on….

(Poetry by Tran Khac Mich – Group: Poems and Love Songs that transcend time)

I'm sorry for you

Poems alone are still the best

6. Alone

Alone again, I walk in the midst of loneliness

Suddenly see how much regret is contained

That love is now only half

People forget and we procrastinate

In the night the white dew suddenly fades

I’m lost in the bustling city

Step by step slowly under the late night lights

Hearing in my heart the storm suddenly follows

When will we be able to erase the infatuation?

Forgot the promise of the promise I made

In my heart was once half

But now the two of you are two ways apart

I’m stupid, so I’m still stuck

The night of torment because of love is not over yet

So bring yourself sadness and fatigue

Know when to end, my dear

The drops of sorrow, remember to play with

Falling quietly into the hustle and bustle of life

You and I are suddenly strangers

You and I are divided into two ways

What’s the use of clinging to a dream?

Please return the person who passed away happily

People stay inside and we go back to the pier

Train yourself to step back to the lonely song.

(Poetry Le Ngoc – Group: Poems and Love Songs that transcend time)

7. Alone

Me alone with Me alone

Sit and love standing and remembering a faraway sister

How long has it been since I’ve been away

I hang around Me when driving

I’m half a sky away from your house

You are the same way from my house

Example Let’s not be far away

I will hold you until the end of my life

Alone I am still alone

At night talking with u Minh

Moon Boat is half sad

Lonely life My shadow with pictures

You and I have been like a hundred years

Why are you still far away from where you live?

Let love and memory spread everywhere

Wrap my whole life in a silkworm life

(Poems Bui Thien Dung – Group: Poems and Love Songs that transcend time)

8. Lonely Night

Lonely night, my shadow

All day long, lonely dreams

Broken heart broken

Disappointed, playing with alone

Quiet night in the glass room

Whose nostalgia is entangled in Asian lines

The mind stirs up a mass of sadness

My heart is full of hard-to-fade first love

It’s sad to think back at night

The first love is wild king mang

Well, miss the ferry crossing

Believe in love, accept and lament a lot

Dew on the willow branch at night

The moonlight reflected glitter

Willow trees let down their blinds

Silently reminding my love is full

(Khanh Giang Poetry – Group: Poems and Love Songs Beyond Time)

9. Alone

I look towards the blue sea

Listen to the waves whispering a love song

Wind and white clouds keep flying

Towards the horizon, always together

I look at the wings of Hai Au

Flying in the sky together Cuddling

Oh, what a beautiful picture of love

Why do all things know each other

I feel so lonely

Happy or sad only stored in the heart

Probably just the number part

So I had to stand outside and look at the couple

First love has come and gone

Just like the wind passing through life

So please feel free to play

Well then, fate blames heaven for being clever

(Poetry of Cuc Tran – Group: Poems and Love Songs that transcend time)
Hope with sad poems alone The above has helped you somewhat relieve your sadness, comfort and comfort your mood. No matter what, be happy, try to overcome to reach a better future.

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