Short wishes 1/6

Not only a 1/6 meaningful gift, a short 1/6 wish is also considered a meaningful gift for the children, with wishes, you can express your love for your child and help at the same time. children have fun Children’s Day, most memorable.

The best short 1/6 wishes

1. The most innocent on this Earth is the smile of a child. The warmest wishes to all of you on this special day. Happy International Children’s Day!

1/6 short wishes, meaningful for children

2. The sweetest time in everyone’s life is childhood. May one happy International Children’s Day come to all children in this world.

3. Children are flowers from heaven. Let’s build a safe and fun world for our children. Happy International Children’s Day!

4. The most precious thing in the world is the smile on the faces of young children. Congratulations to International Children’s Day to all children around the world!

5. Children bring hope tomorrow bright and the dream of a happy future. Hope a day full of joy will come to you.

6. Hopefully your innocent smiles and pure hearts will never disappear. Happy Children’s Day is coming to every child in the world!

7. If money can buy happiness, people will probably trade off all the money available to return to childhood. Happy International Children’s Day!

8. A single smile on my face also brings infinite joy to the bottom of my parents’ hearts. All the fun on this special day is for you. Happy son / daughter’s International Children’s Day happy!

9. All the sacrifices and efforts of parents are to create a beautiful place in this world for their children. You are all of my parents. Happy International Children’s Day, my dear!

10. Nothing is happier than seeing your child grow up every day and become a better person than your parents. May all the best wishes come to you today!

11. Parents always feel proud because having children is their children. Just seeing you smile is all your parents’ pain worth. Wishing you Happy Children’s Day!

12. Every parent’s present day is used to build a beautiful future for their children. The happiness of children is the most meaningful thing for parents. Wishing you a Happy Children’s Day!

13. Every child is a miracle and creates a beautiful world in their own way. May one happy International Children’s Day come to all children in this world!

14. Children need you to spend more time with them than you buy gifts. Let me know how special they are in your heart. Happy International Children’s Day!

15. Children need to be educated about how to be better than to become rich. Warm greetings to all of you on this special day!

16. Teachers may be their teachers but they have also learned a lot from them, especially how to have a genuine smile from the bottom of their hearts. Happy International Children’s Day!

17. Today is a day of joy and happiness for all of us because it is International Children’s Day. May the love and laughter always be present on every childlike face. Happy International Children’s Day!

18. Never stop yelling, playing and smiling, that’s a part of childhood that will always accompany you to the end of your life. Happy International Children’s Day!

19. Treat your children like lovers in the first 5 years of your life, yelling at them for the next 5 years. And before they are 16, consider them as a friend. The adult child will be your best friend.

20. When we were young, we always wanted to be mature quickly. When we grow up, we realize that a child is much happier. Happy International Children’s Day to all my dear friends!

21. Every child is a different flower, and all children will turn this world into a beautiful garden. Happy International Children’s Day!

22. My childhood memories are fast asleep on the school bench and waking up in my dreams … Wow! I can not pierce it! Wishing you all the Happy Children’s Day!

23. When we get older and when we fail, that’s when childhood memories are most evident. I wish you all Happy Children’s Day!

24. Children are the most precious thing God has created. They spread the scent of love wherever they went, spreading joy and happiness during the four seasons of the year. Therefore, always care and love you. Happy International Children’s Day!

25. There are two eternal gifts we need to give to our children: One is the root and the other is the wings. Happy International Children’s Day!
Above are the best 1/6 short wishes that Taimienphi wants to send to you!


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