Shortcut Adobe illustrator, illustrator manipulation speed more

Shortcut Adobe illustrator, illustrator manipulation speed more

Keyboard shortcuts are an integral part of the software, help you use the operations faster. And with Illustrator shortcuts, the photo manipulation will be shortened.

For those who are new to Illustrator, after you download and install Illustrator, what is the next thing to do? Open Illustrator, of course, and explore it. The first time will be the time you spend most effort to learn the functions, sometimes because you do not understand how the logic of the software leads to deleting it and never want to install Illustrator one more time. But if you look through the Illustrator shortcuts, you will think nothing else clearly now that you know more useful functions about it.

In the previous article, Taimienphi has introduced a list of Corel keyboard shortcuts to help you use CorelDraw software more quickly and professionally, with Corel keyboard shortcuts, you will not have to access each functional module as before. In this article, let’s learn the following basic shortcuts to learn more about how to use the Illustrators shortcut.

Illustrator shortcut, use hotkey in Illustrator

Basic key combination

Ctrl + C: Copy command
Ctrl + B (Edit / Paste in Back): paste below the copy object
Ctrl + F (Edit / Paste in Front): paste on copy object
Ctrl + D (Object / transform / Transform Again): Repeat the transform operation
Ctrl + ‘+’: Zoom in
Ctrl + ‘-‘ Zoom out
Ctrl + ‘0’: Fit the screen

Basic Illustrator keyboard shortcuts

Tab key: Hide toolbars
F: Expand the document
Y key: Open the Magic Wand tool
? Key: Open the lasso tool
P key: Open the pen tool
T key: Type
: Create a line
M key: Create a rectangle
L key: Create an ellipse
B: Open the Paintbrush
N key: Open the Pencil tool
R key: Rotate the object
J: Column chart
G: Open the Gradient
W: Open Blend
C: Open the drag tool
H key: Open the hand tool
Z key: Zoom in

Some related keys Menu

Keyboard shortcut / Function Keys
Show / Hide Brushes F5
Show / Hide color F6
Show / Hide Layer F7
Show / Hide Information F8
Show / Hide Gradient Ctrl-F9
Show / Hide Stroke Ctrl-F10
Show / Hide attribute Ctrl-F11
Revert F12 file
Show / Hide Graphic Styles Shift-F5
Show / Hide Appearance Shift-F6
Show / Hide Align Shift F7
Show / Hide Transform Shift-F8
Show / Hide Pathfinder Shift Ctrl F9
Show / Hide transparency Ctrl Ctrl F10
Show / Hide Ctrl Ctrl + F11

Some other notes about keyboard shortcuts

– To open the ruler in Illustrator, click Ctrl + R key combination, then right click on the ruler will display a list of measurement units you can choose.
– Instead of clicking twice to open the blend tool, we just need to press the icon once in the toolbar Hit the Enter key is the blend tool dialog box will open.
– Hold Ctrl and move the middle mouse up to move left, move the wheel down to move to the right.
– Hold Alt and rotate the middle mouse to Zoom out, Zoom in. The zoom center is where you position the mouse
– Quickly change color systems.- Hold Shift and mouse over the Color bar to quickly change the color systems (C, M, Y, K).
– Press Ctrl + L to create new layer.
Ctrl + Alt + L to create a new layer with options
– Hold Alt and release mouse -> Close Pencil or Brush Path
– Copy a sequence of objects: Ctrl + D. Draw 1 object. Select the object and hold alt, drag to another place to copy one more object (Release the mouse, but do not deselect the object). Then press ctrl + D to copy out more objects with a variable k distance
– Lock the object: select the object and press Ctrl + 2
– Choose the default color (while fill & black stroke): D
– Swap fill & stroke color: shift + X
– Change the priority mode between fill and stroke: X
– Switch to select and change art broad: shift + O. Esc to exit
Above is an overview of Illustrator shortcuts for beginners, and of course you need to practice regularly to remember and master these shortcuts. In addition to using Illustrator shortcuts proficiently, the Photoshop shortcut is also essential for you, especially when Photoshop very good support for Illustrator background knowing Photoshop shortcut is necessary.


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