Shortcut to Acer Boot Option Laptop

Each laptop line will have different shortcuts to enter Boot Option, enter the BIOS. If you pay attention, every time you boot your computer, the screen will display very fast shortcut buttons for users to use if you want to enter Boot Option and BIOS, and you must pay close attention to see it. Refer to the keyboard shortcut to Acer Boot Option Laptop, enter the computer BIOS below to use when needed.

Use shortcut to Acer Laptop Boot Option in case you want to reinstall Windows, you will then select the device containing the installer to boot for the first time. In case you want to see the computer configuration or you fix errors, users will often use the keyboard shortcut to the BIOS.

Use keyboard shortcuts to Boot Option, Acer Laptop BIOS

Currently, there are quite a lot of popular laptop lines such as Asus, Dell, Acer, Lenovo, Sony vaio … more advanced laptops, Apple products … and most of the series. The above laptops all use Microsoft’s Windows operating system (except for Apple products). Often these lines when users buy the machine will be integrated, preinstalled Windows always, and currently the latest version is Windows 10. If users are using a laptop that is not the latest version of Windows, while configuring the machine is quite good, you can also upgrade, install Windows 10 to use.

Shortcuts to Boot Option, Acer Laptop BIOS

For laptop computers, the keyboard is designed and shrunk compared to normal keyboards when users use the Case (desktop computer). Therefore, all laptops are equipped with a function key is Fn to use in combination with the word key sequence F1 come F12, you refer to in more detail how to turn on Fn off on Laptop on to better understand how to use, how to turn on / off, the use of this Fn key.

1. Shortcut to Acer Boot Option

You press the key F12. There are some Acer laptops that use keyboard shortcuts Esc or F9. So you can use one of these 3 keys to enter Boot Option.

2. Shortcut to Acer BIOS

You press the shortcut DEL to enter the BIOS. There are some Acer laptop lines you use keyboard shortcuts for F2
Above is an introduction article shortcut to Acer Laptop Boot Option, enter the Acer BIOS for your reference and use in case of need. If you use Asus laptop, you refer to the shortcut to Boot Option Asus Laptop here.


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