Shortcut to HP Laptop Boot Option

Every time you start your computer, the screen will pop up very quickly with shortcuts for users to use if you want to enter Boot Option and BIOS, and you must pay close attention to see it. Refer to the shortcut to the HP Boot Option Laptop, enter the computer BIOS below to use when needed.

We often access Boot Option or BIOS in computers and laptops to install Windows or to fix system errors. However, each type of laptop has a different way to enter the BIOS or Boot Option, so for those of you who do not know how to use it shortcut to the HP Laptop Option Boot or shortcut to the BIOS on your computer, take a look at the shortcuts presented below.

Shortcuts to enter the Boot Option, HP Laptop BIOS

Shortcuts to Boot Option, BIOS Laptop HP

HP laptop making one of the famous and popular brands in Vietnam. HP laptops are sleek, fashionable and durable. These include HP high-end laptops such as HP Elitebook laptops, HP Probooks, HP Essentials – models for small businesses, or HP Envy Series laptops, and the popular HP Pavilion line, price segment cheap laptop HP G series, HP V Series, CQ Series …

Here it is shortcut to enter Boot Option and BIOS Applicable to all HP laptop models.

1. Shortcut to HP Boot Option

You press the key ESC or F9 to enter Boot Option.

2. Shortcut to HP BIOS

You press the shortcut ESC or F10, or F1 to enter the BIOS.
Above is an introduction article shortcut to the HP Laptop Option Boot, enter the HP BIOS for your reference and use it in case of need. If you use a Dell laptop, please refer shortcut to the Dell Laptop Option Boot here.


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