Shortcuts to Boot Option Laptop MSI

Post shortcut to Boot Option Laptop MSI below will help you know which shortcut to use in case of installing Windows or need to boot into the system to check and fix errors … In addition, we also introduces more about keyboard shortcuts for accessing BIOS of MSI laptops.

MSI laptop is a manufacturer specializing in laptops for gamers, so users, especially gamers, the choice of this laptop is perfectly suitable because MSI has a variety of laptops that meet the requirements from intermediate level for to the most senior. Like other laptop brands, users can also use shortcut to the MSI Boot Option Laptop to boot for installing Windows or booting for other purposes such as checking the system, fixing system errors …

Shortcuts to enter the Boot Option, MSI Laptop BIOS

Laptop MSI have quite a few lines, the G series are used for gaming and the order is arranged from top to bottom: GT, GS, GE, GP, GL, GF, GV, For example: MSI GF63 laptop -> This is a GF laptop. In addition to MSI G series laptops, MSI also offers some less popular laptops such as the P and C series. For example: MSI PE60 7RD laptops, MSI C62 7QL laptops …

Shortcuts to Boot Option, BIOS Laptop MSI

Every laptop or mainboard has a different shortcut to enter the boot menu or the BIOS, including the MSI laptop line. If you notice every time you open the laptop, the screen when booting will show up very quickly keyboard shortcut for you to enter the Boot Option or a shortcut to Boot Option, however, because the load display is very fast, so if you do not notice it may not be detected.

Movie on boot option laptop msi

The picture above is an interface when users open MSI laptops

Here is a summary of keyboard shortcuts into MSI’s Boot Option Laptop and BIOS / UEFI:

1. Shortcut to MSI Boot Option

You press the shortcut F11 to enter Boot Option.

2. Shortcut to MSI laptop BIOS

You press the shortcut DEL to enter the BIOS.
Above are the shortcut to the MSI Boot Option Laptop, go to the MSI BIOS / UEFI laptop for your reference and use in case of need. If you use a Lenovo laptop, you refer shortcut to Lenovo’s Boot Option Laptop here.


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