Should use any good optical cable network, FPT, VNPT, Viettel

Should use any good optical cable network, FPT, VNPT, Viettel

If you are wondering whether to use the best optical cable of the network in FPT, VNPT or Viettel, remove it from the beginning right away because in this article you will have full information about all 3 network providers. telecommunications service provider.

In Vietnam market, there are now emerging some new networks as well as old networks that are so familiar to users. However in this article we will not list all but simply advise readers should use optical fiber of any network is good in 3 network operators FPT, VNPT or Viettel.

Each carrier has its own advantages or disadvantages in terms of network speed, packages or promotions, customer service. Of course, the most concern is the network speed of the network. Because checking the internet speed is very easy, there are many internet speed testing tools available today so if you choose a network operator, the unsuitable package will reduce your own experience.

Should use any good optical cable in FPT, VNPT, Viettel

1. VNPT network operator

Use the optical fiber optic cap to see the best of the FPT VNPT 2

VPNT is one of the pioneer carriers in Vietnam and it is also the earliest provider of fiber optic lines. The VPNT network is very wide all over the country, you can install this VPN almost like in Vietnam. This is also the network users are most trusted in recent years. For installation of the network as well as details of the price list of VNPT network, readers can access here, the tutorial article VNPT network installationours.


– Extremely wide network, throughout Vietnam.
– Stable network connection due to large and good infrastructure.
– There are many different packages for users to choose.


– Access speed is not high, only average compared to other networks.
– There are still many cumbersome procedures that make it difficult for users to change their service.
– Less promotions, rates are always higher than other carriers.

2. FPT network operator

What is the best optical fiber in VNPT viettel 3?

FPT is always a name that when heard of many people who are sympathetic to the quality and service. This is a carrier with many suitable packages, attractive to users and above all there are many promotions if you install at any time. Another difference of FPT network is the professional customer service, which is always appreciated by users. To be able to install FPT network as well as view rates, necessary information, readers access the link install FPT network here.


– High speed, meet most needs of users.
– Always pioneering new things for customers.
– Good customer care.
– Many promotions for new network installers.


– Infrastructure is still limited compared with other network operators, even in many places, cities still do not have it.

3. Viettel network

What is the best optical fiber in VNPT viettel 4?

Viettel Not really a new network, but broadband internet service is probably behind the other two. However, this is the cheapest of the three network operators and in addition to taking advantage of its already wide network, the growth of this network is very fast. To register and install Viettel network, users can view the following article, the article not only provides information install Viettel network but also has the price list, packages that users need to care about.


– The cheapest of the 3 network operators is FPT, Viettel, VNPT.
– Owning the largest infrastructure nationwide.
– The number of employees is extremely large, so the deployment of network installation is very quick.


– Later birth in fiber optic service, so it is weaker in brand than VNPT and FPT.

The above is information about all 3 network operators FPT, VNPT or Viettel and through the information above you can decide which fiber optic cable should be the best of the three current networks. If you are in Hanoi, recommends that you use the network of FPT or Viettel to enjoy many policies as well as the most stable network speed today.
For those of you who are using one of the three carriers, you may experience a flickering network, before you contact the call center for help, try to fix the slow network with our following guide. With the way to fix slow network, many readers have successfully applied and responded to us.


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