Should Windows Update Cleanup be deleted?

Whether to delete Windows Update Cleanup or not is something that many users of computers wonder when the hard drive partition containing the operating system is increasing, even though they have found ways to reduce its load such as restricting storage. store data on drive C and regularly clean up system junk. Therefore, the following article will be shared as well as answer questions of readers should delete Windows Update Cleanup.

For Windows users, one of the culprits responsible for taking up the most system partition is Windows Update. And then we often use the Disk Cleanup tool built into Microsoft to clean the device memory. However, many users are confused when they see the Windows Update Cleanup file and worry Should I delete Windows Update Cleanup? or not as well as “fear” affecting the operating system you are using or other important data. Therefore, the following article Taimienphi will give brief answers and the most reasonable plan for you to clean up your computer system partition.

Should Windows Update Cleanup be deleted?

When you install new Windows updates through Windows Update, the operating system automatically retains the old system files to allow you to uninstall the following updates if desired. And if you don’t plan to uninstall any Windows updates, this will be a waste of disk space. So if your computer after the update is successful and runs smoothly with no errors then You can delete Windows Update Cleanup without any problems.

How to delete Windows Update Cleanup

To remove Windows Update Cleanup is quite simple, you just need to follow the steps as follows.

Step 1: From the user interface, you press the key combination Windows + R To open the Run dialog box and type the command cleanmgr then press Enter or OK, got it.

Yes, please clean windows update cleanup 2

Step 2: Disk Cleanup interface opens, click on the system drive partition and click OK, got it

Yes, please clean windows update cleanup 3

Step 3: Wait a moment for the system to scan unused files.

Yes, please clean windows update cleanup 4

Step 4: Next, in the Disk Cleanup tool window of the system drive, click the button Clean up system files.

Yes, please clean windows update cleanup 5

Step 5: The Disk Cleanup tool will now rescan the system and display information about Windows Update Cleanup. Now you please put a checkmark in Windows Update Cleanup and press OK, got it

Yes, please clean windows update cleanup 6

Step 6: A small dialog box will appear asking you to confirm the deletion of the file. Press Delete Files to agree.

Yes, please clean windows update cleanup 7

Immediately the system will proceed with the process of deleting Windows Update Cleanup as well as cleaning up system files in the items that you have checked. You should note that when doing this, you can not proceed to remove any previous updates anymore.

Yes, please clean windows update cleanup 8
After successful implementation, you may notice that the system drive will release a fair amount of space. In addition, whether to delete Windows Update Cleanup is another way of saying whether to delete WinSxS that Taimienphi shared in the previous article. At the same time, the implementation is not much different from deleting Windows.old, the folder is created after users upgrade the old operating system to the latest version. Details invite readers to refer to the tutorial article delete Windows.old before that. I wish you success and optimize the equipment you are using.


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