Should you buy a Samsung Galaxy S21 phone?

Should you buy a Samsung Galaxy S21 phone?

As Samsung’s flagship flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S21 attracts a lot of attention and attention from technology enthusiasts from its super-impressive camera, luxurious design, top-notch screen,… But in parallel. With many other smartphone manufacturers also launching product lines to compete, is the Samsung Galaxy S21 still worth buying at this time?

Samsung Note series and S series These are two flagship products of Samsung, bringing users the best technology from this leading smartphone brand in the world. And let’s find out with what this flagship has and whether to buy a phone Samsung Galaxy S21 in the price range of 15 million VND with the following article.

Reasons to buy a Samsung Galaxy S21 phone

Should you buy a Samsung Galaxy S21 phone?

1. Stunning design

Samsung Galaxy S21 has made a big step forward in design, especially in the design of the rear camera cluster. Instead of using a design like the S20 series or a “honeycomb” camera cluster like Apple, the S21 is equipped with a very unique rear camera cluster, when it protrudes in the left corner of the back for an extremely seamless feeling. and makes you think that this camera cluster is an integral part of the S21, not just an add-on like on the Iphone 11/12 series.

reasons for choosing samsung galaxy s21

Next is the case material as well as the high-end finishing on the Samsung Galaxy S21. Instead of using a full glass or metal back like other flagship brands, Samsung Galaxy S21 uses a matte glass back with Gorilla Glass 7 material. This has both a luxurious appearance and visual effects. Impressive not only eliminates annoying fingerprints but still has durability and safety to use. The Phantom Violet color on the Samsung Galaxy S21 is sure to leave an indelible impression on anyone.

2. Excellent visibility

Samsung has always been famous for producing panels with display capabilities to satisfy even the most demanding customers. Even so, the Samsung Galaxy S21 is even considered to do more than expected. With a maximum 120Hz refresh rate and Full HD + resolution, the 6.2-inch Dynamic OLED panel used on the S21 has the best battery consumption performance on the market today.

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This means that you will be able to enjoy the best display with the longest battery life. The brightness, color coverage or contrast on the S21 is unquestionable when it is shaped as a flagship in 2021. Another thing, the curved design of the two sides of the screen on the S20 series has been replaced by a flat screen, which somewhat improves visibility on the S21.

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3. Amazing battery life

As mentioned above, the new OLED panel technology of the S21 helps to optimize the battery life on this Samsung S21 a lot. While other smartphone products that support 120Hz refresh rate can usually only be used within half a day, the tablet 4000mAh battery on S21 can work for 1 day or even 1 and a half days on a single charge with 120Hz refresh rate.

Samsung s21

And of course Samsung Galaxy S21 is also equipped with QC fast charging technology up to 25W for full battery charging speed in just an extremely short period of time. Choosing a charging capacity of 25W, not a “terrible” capacity like Xiaomi or Oppo, also has the effect of extending the life of the battery on the S21.

4. Can upgrade the operating system to Android 12, 13 and 14

In addition to using the customized One UI 3.1, developed based on the latest Android operating system, the Samsung Galaxy S21 is also the second Samsung product line to enjoy a 3-year software update guarantee. This means that S21 users will definitely be able to use at least 3 versions Android 12, 13 and 14 after buying the machine. While the average software update lifetime for other Android products is only 2 years or less.

Samsung s21 s21 plus s21 ultra

5. Top performance

The chip used on the S21 is nothing but the most powerful Android chip at the moment – Snapdragon 888. S21 is one of the first products equipped with Snapdragon 888, accompanied by 8GB of RAM, 128/256 GB internal memory. All tasks from basic to advanced such as playing heavy games, editing videos, images… can’t be difficult for S21.

6. Featured Utilities

All camera errors that still exist in the S20 series have been fixed on the S21 series. Moreover, with the self-focusing module via laser technology, Samsung Galaxy S21 has the ability to remove fonts, focus much more accurately, eliminating the annoying focusing error of the S20 series. Next is the addition of a depth sensor and a telephoto camera that allows users to better use the 3x, 10x or even 100x zoom feature.

The S-Pen can now be used on the Samsung Galaxy S21. Previously, this “privilege” could only be used on Samsung’s Note series. It will help users, especially those who need to take a lot of notes during travel or work.

Finally, the fingerprint sensor below the screen has given the S21 a very unique place in the flagship segment, while the iPhone 12 still uses FaceID, Xiaomi Mi 11 or Oppo FindX3 Pro still uses the built-in fingerprint sensor. with the power button…, the S21 is equipped with Qualcomm’s Ultrasonic under-screen fingerprint sensor for fast response speed with high accuracy.

7. Some products in the same price range

iPhone 11 64GB: 15,830,000 VND
iPhone 12 Mini 64GB: 16,430,000 VND
Xiaomi Mi 11 5G: 16,790,000 VND

Beautiful screen, impressive design, support for S-Pen, fingerprint under the screen, good battery life and great performance of children ship Snapdragon 888, is what Samsung Galaxy S21 can bring to users.

And you, how do you rate this phone, with a price range of about 15 million dong, do you currently have any more optimal recommendations for a smartphone? Let know in the comment section below the article.
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