Show hidden files caused by Virus on Windows

Your computer has been infected by Virus, so even after removing all the threats on your computer, some of your important data is still strangely hidden. will help you show hidden files due to Virus on your computer.

You have some important data stored on your computer but for some reason these data disappear strangely. Don’t be in a hurry to fear that someone might have intruded on your computer and stolen your information, it is possible that such data may only be hidden by a virus infected computer.

Display hidden files due to Virus on Windows

Step 1: Open Windows ExplorerRight-click on any empty space in the folder where the file is hidden New -> Shortcut

File security due to virus on windows

Step 2: Type the code “attrib -r -h – s” on item Type the location of item

Click next to continue

Step 3: Give a name to shortcut For easy to remember, can name “AntiVirus” -> Finish to close the window.

Step 4: Drag the folder you want to show hidden files and drop them on the icon Shotcut. Attributes like read-only, hidden, system will be removed immediately.

Similar to other folders that you suspect contain hidden files due to Virus, all previously hidden data will automatically be displayed in the same folders that were attacked by Virus.


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