Skype - How to recover lost passwords and passwords

Skype – How to recover lost passwords and passwords

You have a long unused Skype account, but in that account you save a lot of Skype nick of your relatives or friends. will guide you how to recover this account’s password if you’ve forgotten it.

You don’t remember your password, you forgot your Skype password because you haven’t used it for a long time, or because you changed your skype password, but it’s not a familiar password that you often set. There are many reasons for you to forget skype password, and password recovery is also a basic feature that everyone must know, if you do not know, then this article you will also know through the instructions of Taimienphi. vn us.

Instructions on how to recover a lost password

After installing Skype, open the utility by clicking on the software icon on the Desktop if in the process of installing Skype you agreed to place the icon on the Desktop.

Or from the bar Start menu in the section Search Programs and files, Enter keywords Skype Search results will be displayed right on the screen.

Step 1: Click Problems siging in?, a Web page will open that is the homepage of Skype.

Or you have direct access HERE

Step 2: Enter the Email address you use to register your account.

Click Submit.

Step 3: The manufacturer will send a temporary code to the email address you just entered.

Step 4: Open your Email, use temporary code to sign in to Skype. Change your Skype password (because this temporary code is only valid for 6 hours).

In the Email you just received:

1. Click Temporaty code A Web page displays your Skype account name and email address

2. Or if links in Temporaty Code does not work, you can click Enter the code manually To enter the code manually.

Step 5: Change the password in the box Create a new password.

New password: Enter your new password.
Reapeat password: Enter the password just registered above.

Click Change password and sign in to change the password and log in directly to your Skype account.

The above article has instructed you on how to recover, recover password of Skype account quickly and easily. So you can reuse your Skype account to connect with friends and family. In case you have a lot of confidential information that you do not want to store, please delete the history, deleting the skype history will help you to be more secure and confidential.

And in case you do not want to use anymore, you want to delete Skype nick, you should see the tutorial article delete nick Skype okay, but you should consider before taking this action.


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