Slideshow of PowerPoint slides with keyboard

Slideshow of PowerPoint slides with keyboard

Once you have created and edited the presentation on Powerpoint, the last thing is, of course, you will need to show the PowerPoint presentation that you did, but the presentation with a mouse sometimes has certain limitations. Presenting a PowerPoint slide show with a keyboard is the best way to help you, besides the quick presentation can also help you add or add information to the slide show.

Basically, the job PowerPoint presentation using the keyboard the key is that you master and master the necessary shortcuts used in slide shows that you have successfully demonstrated PowerPoint with the keyboard. In addition, using keyboard shortcuts also helps you present your presentation flexibly, quickly, and especially it looks a lot more professional.

Slide show with keyboard makes presentation more flexible and professional

Slideshow of PowerPoint slides with keyboard

1. Basic keyboard shortcuts in a PowerPoint presentation using the keyboard

To show slides, play videos, play music, forward slides … in PowerPoint you can use the following keyboard shortcuts:

– Keys F5: Use to show the entire Slide from the first slide.
Keys Shift + F5 or Shift + Fn + F5 (for Laptop): Used to present the current Slide.

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– Move to the next slide using the key Space or other shortcuts like: key N, key right arrow, key down arrow, key Enter, key Page Down.
– To return to the previous slide use the key Back Space or other keys like: key P, key Up arrow, key left arrow or keys Page Up.
– To control video playback, music playback: See section 2 below.
– Keys B: Use to turn off the projection screen temporarily, when clicking the presentation screen will black. To return to normal, press the key again B.
– Keys W: Use to turn off the projection screen temporarily, when pressing the projection screen is blank, press the key again W: The projection screen will return to normal.
– Keys Slide + Enter: Used to show another slide (while playing). For example, when you are playing in Slide 5 -> want to return to Slide 2, press 2 and press Enter).
– Keys Home (on keyboard): Return to the first slide
– Keys End (on keyboard): Go to the last slide of the lesson
– Keys Esc or keys Ctrl + Break: Used to turn off the slideshow.

2. Shortcuts for controlling videos and other media during presentations

– Keys Ctrl + Space: Used to play or pause video or Audio music on slides.
– Keys Alt + Q: Used to stop playing video or Audio on a slide
– Keys Alt + P: Used to switch between playing and stopping Video or music.
– Keys Alt + End: Use to go to the next bookmark
– Keys Alt + Up arrow: Increase the volume of video or Audio.
– Keys Alt + Down arrow: Reduce the volume of video or Audio.
– Keys Alt + U: Turn off audio video or Audio.
– Keys Alt + Shift + Page Down: Use forward search for three seconds
– Keys Alt + Shift + Page Up: Use search back three seconds
– Keys Alt + Shift + Right arrow key: Use forward to 0.25 seconds, then pause
– Keys Alt + Shift + Left arrow key: Use rewind 0.25 seconds, then pause
– Keys Alt + J: Used to show or hide the audio menu and subheadings.

3. Several other keyboard shortcuts help control the presentation during presentation

– Keys A or = : Use đEh show or hide cursor.
– Keys S or + : To turn on / off auto show mode
– Keys Ctrl + P : Used to change the cursor into a red pen, this can help you to mark, edit the presentation if there are errors, errors, or if you want to note something.
– Keys Alt + F5 or Alt + S, B : Used to display the speaker view.
– Keys E: Use to delete what you have just drawn
– Keys H : Use to go to hidden page.
– Keys Ctrl + A: To change the cursor to an arrow as usual
– Keys Ctrl + H: To hide the mouse pointer on the directional button during a slideshow
– Keys Ctrl + U: To hide mouse cursor and navigation button after 7 seconds.
– Keys Ctr l + L : Used to start laser pointer
– Keys Ctrl + S : Display the All slides dialog box
– Keys Ctrl + T : Used to view computer taskbar
– Keys Shift + F10 : Used to display the context menu
– Keys Shift + Tab : Used to go to the last or previous hyperlink on the current slide.

Above is the article to help you know how to present a PowerPoint slide show with the keyboard Very quickly and effectively. With the shortcuts used in the above slideshow will help you shorten the operation time a lot more than you use the mouse to show.
In addition, if you are using PowerPoint 2016, you should also refer to these keyboard shortcuts for PowerPoint 2016 has shared to understand details and know how to use. Good luck!


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