Small hand tattoos for you men and women

Small hand tattoos for you men and women

Compared with other tattoos, hand tattoos / a> also have many unique, strange and beautiful designs, especially with their own meanings. Depending on the preferences and style of each person, there are different choices such as men prefer strong, personality tattoos; and women like the gentle and elegant tattoo.

Tattooing is one of the things that girls and boys choose to express their personality, style, express feelings, want to mark something. Tattoos, you can tattoo on the arms, shoulders, legs … are okay. Following, will share these hand tattoo Beautiful men and women are the most popular to help you choose a beautiful tattoo pattern for hand tattoos.

Simple arm tattoo, meaning

* Suitable tattoo positions at hand

– Tattoo on wrist

– Tattoos on biceps

– Arm tattoo

– Finger tattoo

Hand tattoo 21

Very nice, strange biceps tattoo

Hand tattoo 22

Wrist tattoos are widely chosen by many people

1. Beautiful, meaningful male hand tattoo

Boys with large, solid biceps are often very attractive to women, especially when the tattoo on the hand adorns that health. Here are some beautiful hand tattoos that you can choose to create a dash of solid and large arms.

tattoo 2

The tattoo of a carp turning into a dragon is tattooed covering the arm to bring an impressive and unique look

tattoo 3

The male arm tattoo with an extremely powerful eagle gives the person a look of strength

tattoo 4

Angel wings tattoo on hand shows the high flying, flying distance and freedom of men

tattoo 5

Tattooed biceps pattern with a very special ancient peach blossom root of the boys

tattoo 6

Anchor tattoo with one side of the boy’s name and the other is the name of the beloved

tattoo 7

Barcode tattoo is also very impressive and unique that many people choose

2. Beautiful female hand tattoo

Guys like tattoos with strong motifs like dragon tattoo, devil face to unique motifs. As for girls, they often prefer gentle, slender tattoos that evoke the femininity like text tattoos, small tattoos …

tattoo 8

Cute little cat tattoo on biceps

tattoo 9

Reverse letter tattoos combined with small stars near the beautiful, impressive wrist

tattoo 10

Meaningful arm tattoo with artistic lotus flower in white pink helps her be more glamorous and more romantic

Hand tattoo 11

Small black flower tattoos stand out on the back of your hand

tattoo 12

Or stylized arrow tattoo is simple but extremely eye-catching

3. Beautiful hand tattoo for couples

Currently, many couples love each other often choose to tattoo their hands to express love for each other. If you are looking for a small tattoo to tattoo your arm and the opponent, refer to the tattoo below.

tattoo 13

“ALL WILL PASS” tattoo on the wrist for both she and him are beautiful

tattoo 14

Stylized heart tattoo, half on female arm and half on male arm

tattoo 15

Tattoo simple but very meaningful, sometimes birds are holding strings forming heart shapes

tattoo 16

Angel wings tattoo for couple

Hand tattoo is considered an ideal place for people to choose to tattoo. With the pictures on the tattoo on hand, have you chosen your own tattoo yet?
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