Snipping Tool shortcuts help to take screenshots faster

Fast and convenient, the Snipping Tool shortcut helps users reduce the time and steps on the program’s interface, thereby bringing a more convenient experience when you use this familiar screenshot tool. on Windows.

Snipping Tool screenshot software is the default tool, pre-installed by Mircrosoft on its operating system versions. However, if the user has for some reason been deleted or removed, they can be quickly downloaded and reinstalled via the link provided below.

– Download Snipping Tool for Windows 10 here: Download Snipping Tool Windows 10
– Download Snipping Tool for Windows 8 here: Download Snipping Tool Windows 8
– Download Snipping Tool for Windows 7 here: Download Snipping Tool Windows 7

Instructions for using the Snipping Tool shortcut

Once you have the Snipping Tool, open this tool and get used to it how to take a screenshot And some keyboard shortcuts below.

How to create a shortcut to Snipping Tool open the application faster

To use the Snipping Tool, users can open it through the menu Start or use the Windows Search tool. Either way, it takes a lot of work, to save time, Taimienphi will show you how to create a quick access shortcut to the Snipping Tool.
Step 1: Click the icon Windows on the keyboard or in the left corner of the screen. In the application list on the menu Start , scroll down to the section Windows Accessories .
Step 2: Right-click on the tool Snipping Tool and choose More . Keep clicking Open file location .

Movie snipping tool huu ich 2

Step 3: In the window Windows Accessories As shown, navigate to the Snipping Tool and right click and select Properties .

Movie snipping tool huu ich 3

Step 4: The properties window of Snipping Tool appears. Here, click on the card Shorcut and navigate to the item Shortcut Key . By default, the operating system will automatically create shortcuts according to the formula Ctrl + Alt + [Phím tắt] . You just need to press any key on the keyboard to create a combination. Finally, press OK, got it to save settings.
In this example, Taimienphi creates keystrokes Ctrl + Alt + G .

Movie snipping tool tips 4

How to pin a Snipping Tool to the Taskbar

In addition, you can also pin the Snipping Tool to the Taskbar below the screen for easier use.
Step 1: You also access the menu Start , and navigate to the item Windows Accessories .
Step 2: Right click Snipping Tool and choose More . Then continue to choose Pin to taskbar .

Movie snipping tool tips 5

This way, you can use the keyboard shortcut Windows + Numbers (Depending on the location of the tool on the Taskbar) to open the Snipping Tool.
For example, from left to right, Taimienphi places the Snipping Tool in the second position, the shortcut combination will be Ctrl + 2 .

Movie snipping tool tips 6

Shortcuts for Snipping Tool when taking screenshots

– Select screen capture mode: First, you press Alt + M to enable the feature. The screen offers 4 options:
+ Free-form Snip : Zoning, free screen capture.
+ Rectangular Snip : Zoning, taking screenshots in a rectangle.
+ Window Snip : Take a screenshot of the working window.
+ Full-screen Snip : Capture everything on screen.
You use the arrow key and Enter on the keyboard to select the desired mode.

Movie snipping tool support tool 7

– Re-use the latest shooting mode: Alt + N
– Self-timer (5 seconds maximum): ALT + D
– Copy photos to clipboard: Ctrl + C
– Save snapshot: Ctrl + S
– Print photos: Ctrl + P
– Take a new photo: Ctrl + N
– Edit photos with Paint 3D: Ctrl + E
– Cancel photos: Esc

Also, after taking the screenshot, in Snipping Tool’s photo editing interface you can use some of the following keyboard shortcuts.
Call the File menu : Press the key combination Alt + F , press the following shortcut key to call the function.
+ Create a new snapshot, press the key N
+ Save photos, press the key A
+ Print photos, press the key P
+ Send photos via Email, press the key T

Movie snipping tool huu ich 8

– Call the Edit menu (Edit): Press the key combination Alt + E
+ Copy image, press the key C

Movie snipping tool tips 9

Call the Tools menu: Press the key combination Alt + T and press the following keys.
+ Open the Pen tool: Press P
+ Open the Highlighter tool: Press H
+ Open the Eraser tool: Press E

Movie snipping tool tips 10

Call the Help menu (HELP): Press the key combination Alt + H
+ Open the online support page: Press H or keys F1

Movie snipping tool guide 11
Thus, Taimienphi has introduced you to details on how to create quick-opening shortcuts and shortcuts using the Snipping Tool on the computer. Hope that after knowing the Snipping Tool shortcut will help you speed up operations faster, bring better performance.


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