Software for taking screenshots of computers and laptops

Software for taking screenshots of computers and laptops

Taking a screenshot of a computer or laptop is an indispensable function for computer users, especially for those who still need to edit screenshots to edit content such as technology journalists or Simply to guide, share content with pictures on the computer screen. Taimienphi will introduce to you some of the best computer screen capture software currently such as Faststone Capture, SnagIt …

Screen capture is the operation of recording the status on the computer screen with the original quality without using external recording devices such as cameras, camera phones. This feature is really necessary for those who want to record operations directly, display on the screen as well as save necessary information without editing …

The need to take screenshots is not merely about saving images, users also want to have more advanced features such as adding tools, images or editing those screenshots. For that reason, professional screen capture tools have been created to meet this need. Taimienphi will introduce to you the best screen capture software for computer and laptop screens

Software for taking screenshots of computers and laptops

1. Snipping Tool

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Snipping Tool is a screenshot tool Available and default on Windows. Although provided for free, but not everyone knows and uses this feature. Snipping Tool has all the necessary features of a screen capture software such as adjusting the size of the capture area, capturing individual windows, marking the information of interest or inserting image objects …

However, the editors are quite primitive and only suitable for quick notes of information through screenshots, so Snipping Tool is difficult to meet the needs of advanced users to edit.

2. Faststone Capture

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Faststone Capture is a specialized screen capture software for Windows, Faststone Capture is provided completely free of charge but is provided with the most specialized image editing tools such as resize, add image objects, mark objects, record screen footage. shape, lighten, blur the object …

In addition Faststone Capture also has an extremely lightweight capacity, suitable for low-profile machines, software compatible with most operating systems.

3. SnagIt

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SnagIt is Dedicated screen capture and photo editing software developed by TechSmith. SnagIt has professional image editing tools with high graphic quality, very good image processing capacity, very effective image compression tool, supports many different image formats.

Due to many advanced and professional features, SnagIt is a paid software, users will only have to try it for 30 days before being locked out and have to pay to continue using it.

4. Lightshot

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Lightshot is an excellent screen capture software that Taimienphi would like to introduce to you. Lightshot also has all the screen capture and editing features a software needs. The special feature of Lightshot is that you can instantly edit the photographic area with the tool displayed on the screen next to the zoned frame. From here you can take and edit as you like.

A special feature of Lightshot is that it works on many operating platforms such as Windows or MAC, as an add-on on browsers and is provided completely free of charge.
Above are some of the best screen capture software for computers and laptops. You can choose these software to use based on your needs as well as serve the job. Also, in simple cases, you can Windows 10 screen capture without using support software to save computer resources.


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