Software to block video downloads for online learning websites

Software to block video downloads for online learning websites

If you are selling an online course, this is the absolute software for blocking video downloads for online learning website, protecting your intelligence and achievements for decades.

Currently, the world economy is gradually shifting to the intellectual and high-tech industries. Vietnam wants to stand in line with developed countries must abide by the principles of respect and protection of intellectual property rights.

However, the theft of intellectual property, including videos, is becoming extremely painful. There are hundreds of tools and utilities for capturing video links (such as IDM) available on the market, even Coc Coc browser has a built-in video download utility.

If you do not like the installation effort, users can paste the link into the free video download website that can be downloaded without consulting the owner.

Of course, once you don’t care if the video allows downloading or not, no one will wonder if you can share the video. Countless videos are illegally downloaded and shared on the Internet, which can be viewed by anyone, and then downloaded and resumed.

Just like that, the intellectual property of an individual or a collective is seriously infringed.

There are ideas that indirectly stealing and sharing videos help spread the video to a wider audience, in this age of information sharing is a useful thing. People now livestream everything, what else does copyright still have?

But that is just an indifferent and tolerant way of saying wrongdoing. Should we invite a thief to come in to show the neighbors that our family is rich? Downloading and sharing videos without the owner’s permission is a serious act of piracy and violation of intellectual property protection laws that need to be vigilant and condemned.

Unfortunately, the current legal system cannot control this problem, both in Vietnam and around the world. The network environment is so free, complex and difficult to control, many measures are taken from the managers but only a limited part. The rest, users must solve by themselves, must know how to block download videos and protect their videos from evil thieves.

1. Which website needs the most video protection?

Those must be websites of online courses, teaching online.

Online learning website is a strong development trend of era 4.0. A lot of people with expertise and experience can teach, they open up an online teaching website to share them with other students.

● Online classes to help students not be tied to the knowledge of textbooks and the educational environment in schools. It also allows students the freedom to freely adjust the schedule, study schedule and what they want to learn to suit their personal circumstances and interests. This is especially good for people who are working or have no access to a school or a teaching center.

● Online learning websites help learning take place wherever and whenever appropriate. It contributes to building a learning network for everyone, helping us to “learn, learn more, learn forever”, bringing Vietnamese national intelligence to new heights.

However, they are seriously threatened by the problem of theft and free video sharing, by the sense of “using the temple” of a large number of users. Many private, open societies on social networking sites specialize in sharing downloaded course videos for other members to watch. There are also many fake teaching websites that use stolen videos to entice students to register and cheat their money.

Online teaching websites use video as a means of transmission and make a profit. When videos are stolen and shared elsewhere, no one will register for courses anymore. The places that share pirated videos also, of course, never share profits to the original website. Teachers’ rights will be seriously compromised, which can lead to losses or website closure. Even decent practitioners who will not accept illegal sharing videos will be affected.

Therefore, it is necessary to apply methods to prevent video downloading and sharing Online learning website design.

2. Method of preventing video download

There are many methods to block video download, but I have to tell you one thing: nothing is absolutely safe! Staying online is even less secure!

Options against video theft only guarantee an effective rate of 90%. The remaining 10% is when you encounter adept hackers, able to bypass all security systems, all methods of prevention.

Fortunately, you will rarely meet such hackers if your courses are not worth tens of thousands of US dollars. If you use tricks that make video theft difficult and time-consuming, it will greatly reduce the chance of being exploited.

The most common methods to block pirated video downloads are to set a password for each video, right-click on the page, encode the video, or protect the video hotlink. But all are sporadic ways, without comprehensive and sure protection. Some tricks also require certain programming knowledge to be able to do it.

So a lot of people choose a viable, more effective method: using video download blocking software. These software are built with the most advanced and powerful technologies to protect your video from any intrusion.

One of them, is the software to block downloading videos for Mona Media’s online learning website at

3. Software for preventing download videos for online learning website of Mona Media

To get this software, you can buy it separately or put together with the online learning website designed by Mona Media. With the second option, both the system will be synchronized and operate more accurately and smoothly.

But whatever your choice, Mona’s video download blocking software will help preserve the copyright and economic benefits of your online learning website. This software has an extremely powerful mechanism of operation, eliminating 99% of the risk of video theft.

Watch a demo of software to block download videos for online learning website of Mona Media:

3.1. How it works

When you upload a video to the server, the software chops your video into sections. A 10 minute video can be divided into 10 or more short videos. When watching live on a website, the video player will play continuously from paragraph to paragraph. The audience will feel like watching a single video and seamless as usual.

But this will make it difficult for video downloaders because it is difficult to capture the links of so many videos, not to mention their order.

And yet, video splitting is also combined with video streaming technology. When streaming, the video will be played on your website from an independent stream server, protected by encryption. The crook will not be able to download your video because the data is not on the web server.

Mona Media’s anti-download video software combines these two methods, as well as a few other security tricks, to create almost complete protection for your online learning website.

3.2. Worth it

Of course, to get the security, certainly so, you also have to pay a fee for technology and infrastructure. That is the maintenance fee of the streaming server, which is calculated based on the total video storage capacity and bandwidth used monthly. If you have lots of teaching videos and your students watch long hours, then of course the amount of maintenance you have to spend is even greater.

But perhaps it is also a worthy exchange to protect your teaching video – brainpower and intellectual labor over a long period of time.

3.3. Another advantage of the software is blocking download videos for online learning websites

In addition to preventing the download of videos, Mona Media’s software also has other advantages that surpass the conventional ways of downloading pirated videos.

Improving server management technology, removing unnecessary components, plugins, Mona Media helps speed up downloading videos on your online learning website. This eliminates the interruption between watching videos, improves the learning experience and effectiveness of students, contributing to increasing the success rate of the course.

Besides, Mona’s anti-download video technology also works on mobile devices. No one will be able to touch your video even when using mobile web browsers or Adnroid, iOS applications to catch links.

Thus, your intellectual property rights are guaranteed anytime, anywhere and on all platforms.

4. Conclusion

The above article talks about intellectual property violations in the 4.0 era, namely the issue of downloading and sharing pirated videos. Online teaching websites are the ones who are most affected, both in terms of copyright and income. This problem, if continued for long term, will cause unintended consequences to individual teachers in particular and the future to be educated “anytime, anywhere” of Vietnamese people in general.
Therefore, it is necessary to protect the intellectual property and economic rights of online instructors by means of anti-piracy and video sharing. In particular, the software to block video downloads for online learning website of Mona Media is one of the powerful and almost absolute solutions. Most customers who have used this software feel satisfied and assured of its effectiveness and reliability.


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