Some common commands used in cmd

Content in this article will summarize some basic Dos commands in CMD. If you often have to work or use the Windows Command Prompt, then this is definitely the article you should check out.

In the past, when the graphical interface was not developed, the operation of using Windows computers was closely associated with DOS command syntax. Later, users became increasingly dependent on mouse key operation, so few people were as concerned about DOS commands as before.

However, if you often have to work with the Windows Command Promt tool, you should know through some basic DOS commands in CMD that we share below.

Summary of some basic Dos commands in cmd

Make a copy command

This is one of the most frequently used commands. Suppose if you want to copy the file D: to D: Books, we do the following.

COPY “D:” “D: Books”

Execute the delete command

Assuming you want to delete the file named in drive D, you perform the following syntax.

DEL “D:”

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Commands related to directories

To delete a directory, execute the following syntax.

RD “D: taimienphi” (With a directory named taimienphi)

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To create the directory, execute the following syntax.

MD “D: taimienphi” (Will create taimienphi directory in drive D)

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View your computer’s IP

To execute the command to view the computer IP, you execute the syntax.

ipconfig / all

Turn off running applications

In case the application hangs and you cannot turn it off, use the following command.

taskkill / f / im iexplorer.exe (This command will shut down Internet Explorer)
So introduced to you some basic DOS commands in CMD. In fact, all of the above functions you can perform directly on the graphical interface. So the commands above are mostly used in special cases only. In addition we also share to you the article 6 ways to start Command Promt on Windows 7, if interested please click on the link above for reference.


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