Some speed optimization tips for WordPress

Some speed optimization tips for WordPress

Not only Google’s search engines, but also users who favor fast loading websites. If you own WordPress website, refer to some tips to optimize speed for WordPress in the following article of to speed up your website.

In addition to security, site speed is also an important factor to determine the success of a website using WordPress. Page load time dominates the user experience and affects search engine rankings (especially SEO). A 1-second slow loading page will reduce conversions by 7%, a 7-second delay will reduce conversions by half. So refer to some Speed ​​optimization tips for WordPress is essential to help you attract more users to your website.

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Some speed optimization tips for WordPress

Measure page load speed with PageSpeed ​​Insights

There are many factors that affect page load time. Instead of guessing small, you should do something to optimize site speed. Use Google’s PageSpeed ​​Insights to see what you need to fix your site.

Step 1: Visit PageSpeed ​​Insights page

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Step 2: In the frame Enter a web page URL, enter your website URL there.

Some of the tax rates for WordPress are 3

Step 3: Click the button Analyze.

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Step 4: After the download is complete, the page will display a website performance report. This report page shows where you went wrong and makes the proposed changes.

The Mobile and Desktop windows on the report page display the speed of your site. Each report window is divided into 2 sections, of which the item Possible Optimizations show what you can do to optimize your site and categories Optimizations Found indicate the improvements you have made.

Some of the tax rates for WordPress are 5

In this example, section Possible Optimizations include:

– Removed JavaScript blocking display and CSS in the content above the fold.
– Use browser cache.
– Optimize images.

If you own a website with low optimization speed, you will get more optimization suggestions.

PageSpeed ​​Insights is a really useful tool, let you know the page load speed and provide suggestions to optimize speed.

In this example, the Optimizations Found section includes:

Some of the tax rates are for WordPress. 6

Optimize WordPress website speed

Use optimization suggestions from PageSpeed ​​Insights to improve your WordPress website speed:

1. Remove JavaScript blocking display and CSS in the content above the fold

PageSpeed’s suggestion is to improve the speed of some CSS on the web. The problem is that PageSpeed ​​provides users with optimal techniques, which can be tricky, especially if you’re not a developer. To improve WordPress website speed without using code, use the Autoptimize plugin.

Download and install the Autoptimize plugin here: Download Autoptimize

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Autoptimize can optimize aggregate, minify, cache scripts and styles, default CSS to the top of the page, and move scripts to the footer. In addition the plugin also optimizes HTML.

2. Use the browser cache

Use WordPress plugin to host your website content. The cache for web content is saved as a static HTML file. Some popular cache plugins for WordPress websites include WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache, WP-Rocket and WP Fastest Cache.

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Download and install WP Super Cache here: Download WP Super Cache

Download and install W3 Total Cache here: Download W3 Total Cache

Download and install WP-Rocket here: Download WP-Rocket

Download and install WP Fastest Cache here: Download WP Fastest Cache

3. Optimize images

There are many image optimization options. You can optimize images before uploading photos and improve them by using the plugin.

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If the image was created using Fireworks or Photoshop, reduce the image size by selecting the option Save for Web. If you don’t have a graphics program, you can use other optimization tools like ImageOptim (for Mac only), (available on the Web) and TinyPNG (also available on the Web) .

Download and install ImageOptim here: Download ImageOptim

Visit homepage HERE

Visit the TinyPNG homepage HERE

To automate the optimization process, you can use image optimization plugins like WP Smush, PixPie, …

Download and install WP Smush here: Download WP Smush

Download and install PixPie here: Download PixPie

Plugin LazyLoad is another solution to improve website speed. This plugin saves download bandwidth by downloading images on demand (when users scroll down the page).

Download and install LazyLoad here: Download LazyLoad

Server and Hosting packages

Shared hosting promises to provide users Unlimited page views like an agreement, but without prior notice of fees that users must pay. Site speed will be affected (affecting reputation, SEO and user experience on the site) and ultimately, page load time.

How does hosting affect page loading speed? According to Colocation America, VPS hosting improves page loading speed by up to 62%. According to SEJ, websites on shared hosting servers take nearly 8 seconds to load, while pages on VPS hosting only take more than 2 seconds.

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If possible, you should switch to using VPS or other hosting options, not shared hosting. Although using cheap hosting can save you a lot of money, but in the long run, it can kill your website.

Choose a host that uses GZIP compression to reduce file size by up to 70%, including video, audio and image files, without sacrificing the quality of those files or your website. Gizp compression can significantly speed up your website.

Using CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Use Content Delivery Network (CDN), such as Amazon CloudFront if your website traffic is increasing significantly. CDN will take all static records of the website such as images, CSS, Javascript, … and distribute them on servers in different geographical locations. Your website visitors will benefit from an increase in page loading speed when they access content based on geographic location near CDN servers.

Some of the tax rates are for WordPress. 11

You can also use the CDN Enabler plugin to quickly integrate your favorite CDN services into your WordPress site.

Download and install CDN Enabler here: Download CDN Enabler

Google gives priority to sites with fast page load speeds. And not just search engines, but even users favor fast loading sites. With some speed optimization tips for WordPress that has just introduced above, hope you will know more ways to speed up your WordPress site.
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