Soon you will be able to access Facebook right from Instagram

Instagram has undergone a lot of important changes since Facebook officially acquired and took over the popular photo and video sharing social networking platform. One of the big long-term strategies that CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his associates have been actively implementing over the past 2 years is to step by step further promote compatibility and cross-interaction between Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. . Thereby contributing to improving the user experience and building a more homogeneous ecosystem,

Right now, it looks like Facebook is hatching a big addition, an option that allows users to quickly open Facebook directly from the Instagram app.

Specifically, according to the share of famous reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, Facebook is currently working on adding an option that allows you to open Facebook directly from the Instagram application. This is the opposite of what the company did in 2017 – allowing users to open Instagram from Facebook. While more details about this feature are yet to be fully revealed, it’s likely that to open Facebook directly from the Instagram app, you’ll likely have to link Instagram to your Facebook account.

Unfortunately, Alessandro Paluzzi also did not disclose information about when this feature will be released. But thanks to Paluzzi’s reverse engineering skills, we can somewhat predict what the user interface will look like when the feature is implemented in Instagram. As shown in the illustration below.

If you are regularly using both Instagram and Facebook, what do you think about this feature? Please leave a comment!


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