Speed ​​up and optimize your computer system with BeeDoctor

Speed ​​up and optimize your computer system with BeeDoctor to make your computer run faster after each use. BeeDoctor has anti-virus, spyware, and advertising features intended to gain access to your computer through a variety of ways, besides, BeeDoctor also helps to clean junk and data left after users. delete a program that is not completely on the computer.

BeeDoctor is a software that supports many important features for today’s computer users. In addition to the features of cleaning the computer, optimizing the computer system, BeeDoctor also supports effective virus scanning and removal. beedoctor always keeps your computer in the state of highest performance during use

In addition to the above features, BeeDoctor helps you to uninstall programs in your computer. The program will deeply scan and eradicate the installation files of the program, making sure there are no junk files and registry entries left in the hard drive of the computer. And with support for score notification, BeeDoctor will help you better understand the status of the system.

When it comes to optimization software, people think of such software as CCleaner, TuneUp Utilities or Wise Disk Cleaner …. And now, you will have more options for yourself that is BeeDoctor and use the program. Works with many useful features. You can download CCleaner, TuneUp Utilities or Wise Disk Cleaner

Optimize your computer system using BeeDoctor

Download and install the latest version of BeeDoctor

Comprehensive computer test.

The main interface of BeeDoctor will let you check the entire computer system, by clicking the “Check“for BeeDoctor to perform a system scan.

download beedoctor software to download computer

After checking the entire system, BeeDoctor will give the results, to fix you click “Repair

ear to beedoctor don dep he thong

And after repairing results using BeeDoctor

download beedoctor diet virus computer

System cleanup

To clean the system you can switch to the “Sweep“, there are many options for you like cleaning junk data, cleaning up personal traces and other utilities. In addition, BeeDoctor also has the function to automatically clean junk files on your computer, then you need to enable this feature in the “Auto clean “

Speed ​​up the computer

You switch to “Acceleration“, here allows you to set parameters to customize the boot process of the computer is faster.

Here you can prevent applications from starting with Windows, or turning off unnecessary tasks ….

Scan for viruses

Switch to the card “Anti Virus “, here provide you with the options for your antivirus process such as support for fast scanning, full scan or selective scan …. In addition, BeeDoctor also displays the anti-virus program. virus that you are using on your computer, here you can customize a feature such as automatic protection or computer protection in real time ….

Uninstall the application

You switch to the “Uninstall”, here allows you to remove applications you no longer use on your computer quickly and thoroughly, removing unnecessary applications also contribute to increasing your storage capacity and also do optimize your computer system.

After BeeDoctor is installed on the computer, this application will be launched with the operating system and run under Toolbars, to completely exit BeeDoctor, click on the BeeDoctor icon in the bottom right corner of the system tray and select Exit BeeDoctor (Picture below)

So with the above article, I introduced you a software used to optimize the computer system completely free of charge and the Vietnamese interface is very easy to use and effective. In addition, you can also clean, speed up your Wise Care 360 ​​tape calculator Free has been introduced by Taimienphi in previous tricks.


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