Speed ​​up copying files to a memory card, USB, external hard drive with TeraCopy on computers

Speed ​​up copying files to a memory card, USB, external hard drive with TeraCopy on computers

Copy and copy data from one hard drive to another, from a computer to a storage device such as USB … with faster speed using TeraCopy to save time with large files such as Video, files install Office, Windows …

Copying data on a computer is a fairly simple and familiar task for every user. However, it is not easy if you have to perform heavy data copy. With the help of current data copy software, you can speed up the process of copying data. Can include some software such as Fastcopy or TeraCopy. Fastcopy Capable of copying files up to 4MB / s, helping you to copy files with high speed.

TeraCopy is software commonly used to speed up the process of copying, moving data on a computer or to USB, storage devices. The following article of Taimienphi.vn will guide you to copy files, move data with TeraCopy software, and follow along.

How to copy data files using TeraCopy

Step 1: Download the latest version of TeraCopy here: Download TeraCopy

– Way Install TeraCopy Very simple, all you need to do is follow the instructions to install successfully.

Step 2: Use TeraCopy to copy data

Method 1: After installing TeraCopy, the software is integrated into the right-click menu by default.

To copy data files: You choose the files and folders to copy. Then right click and select TeraCopy.

To copy file with teracopy state

– Data copy window of TeraCopy appears and includes the following options:

+ Copy: copy data
+ Put data file into TeraCopy
+ Check data files
+ Delete data

Copies of state TeraCopy

– You choose Copy To perform the process of copying data: Then the icon Copy on the interface changed to Move, you click Browse Select the folder to copy the data to.

Copy the file quickly using TeraCopy state

– The process of copying data is conducted

Method 2: Start the TeraCopy software. Then drag and drop the files to be copied into the program interface.

– Click on it Copy to: Copy to or Move to: moved to. You select the folder to copy data to.

– Click Sart Now to start the data copying process

Above Taimienphi.vn has taught you how to copy data files with TeraCopy software, in addition you should also refer to and use other data copying acceleration software such as Speed ​​up copying data with FastCopy … available on Taimienphi.vn


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