Speed ​​up hard drive cleaning on Windows for computers and laptops

Do you know all about the features available on Windwos, such as how to speed up hard drive cleaning on Windows instead of using third-party software? Let’s explore Taimienphi.vn find acceleration tools hard drive cleaning on Windows is nothing special offline

Surely readers have heard of a tool built into Windows called Disk Cleanup, a tool that allows you to clean up junk on your computer. But you know it also has many other powerful features and is not inferior to CCleaner or professional software. In particular, CCleaner download is always considered a leader in cleaning the computer.

Cleaning the hard drive, speeding up the computer is very important for users, if you know the tips to speed up the computer, improve the hard drive cleaning speed on Windows with the following Disk Cleanup, surely you will not need third-party software to help me. Now also provide Taimienphi.vn speed up hard drive cleaning on Windows offline.

Instructions to speed up hard drive cleaning on Windows

Step 1: To enter the regular Disk Cleanup mode, just open it Start menu up and type “disk cleanup “and then click on the search results.

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Step 2: Select the drive that needs cleaning, usually here is C because it contains the operating system, where the most concentrated types of computer garbage.

hair loss is best on Windows 3

After choosing to speed up hard drive cleaning on Windows, you have to wait for the system to scan for a while, this scan completely relies on the junk files on your computer more or less.

Step 3: Immediately a familiar list appears, including junk files in the trash Recycle Bin , or the file Temporary files or present when using browsers or Thumbnails , a photo format that recognizes images, logos in computers, and more, press OK, got it to clean them up.

hair loss is best on Windows 4

Step 4: However, this cleanup is not the whole, in Disk Cleanup there is an open mode at a more advanced level. And to activate it you open Start Menu out then type “disk cleanup ” later hold ALT + CTRL and then point to Disk Cleanup .

The hair loss is beautiful on Windows 5

Step 5: Wait a moment after the Disk Cleanup for Windows table will appear, but this time it’s not just the same as the previous step where we have a faster scan including file Download , files in Windows Defender or even Windows backup file is Old.windows in case the Windows has just finished upgrading.

hair loss is best on Windows 6

Step 6: To delete you click OK, got it then confirm by Delete Files Please.

hair loss is best on Windows 7

Step 7: It will take a while if you want to delete all the junk files above.

The hair is beautiful on Windows 8

Step 8: Also you can go to section More Options to delete System Restore and Shadow Copies , which stores your Windows backup file if it feels too space-consuming. But Taimienphi.vn recommend you to consider doing this.

hair loss is best on Windows 9

If the decision to delete please click Clean Up and choose Delete to delete offline, your device will be much lighter.

hair loss is best on Windows 10

Above Taimienphi.vn has just instructed you on how to speed up hard drive cleaning on Windows with the most complete Disk Cleanup mode that you may not have known. After the scan is complete you will receive the speed of the computer, the optimization of the computer is complete and remember to speed up cleaning the hard drive on Windows regularly offline.


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