Split and join files with HJSplit

Split and join files with HJSplit

HJSplit is software that helps you split a large file into smaller files to easily upload to the Internet or join small files into a large one complete file. Taimienphi.vn will guide you on how to split and join files.

You have a video with large capacity up to several GB, how to upload to the Internet because many sites that support upload do not support downloading large files. Or you have some downloaded files from the Internet that have been broken before and want to merge them into one without knowing which software is best to use. There are many software to choose from such as 001 File Joiner and Splitter, or HJSplit … to split those files. 001 File Joiner and Splitter help users merge all files ending with extensions such as .001, .002, .003 … to return to the original file size of those files.

In addition, you can use HJSplit to solve all your difficulties, this utility has the ability to split any file into small files or to easily share and store them. Not only that, this utility also has the ability to join files that have been split into a complete file.

Split files, join files with HJSplit

Download and install the latest version of HJSplit

HJSplit does not require sophisticated installation like other software, you just need to download and run the downloaded file to be able to use it always.

Open HJSplit and do the work that suits the purpose of use

* File splitting and splittingby HJSplit

Step 1: On the HJSplit interface, select Split

merge files with hjsplit

Step 2: On the window Split Including the main parameters

Input File : The path of the directory containing the file to be split
Output File : The path of the folder containing the files after splitting successfully.
Split file size: The size of the file you want to split

For example, I want to split a movie with 50MB file size.

Click Start for the file splitting process to begin.

Guide file hjsplit state

The split files are saved as a format abc.001, abc.002 …, the number of files depends on the preset file size.

How to merge hjsplit file state

* Join, merge filesby HJSplite

Step 1: On the HJSplite interface, select Join

Step 2: Window Join include the parameters:

Input File : The path of the directory containing the file to be paired. (Just select the first split file saved in .001 format, the program will automatically join the remaining files).
Output File: Path of the folder containing the file after the pairing is complete.

Click Start for the pairing process to start.

Video after has been successfully paired

Attention: The time for splitting or joining depends on the computer configuration used and the size of the original file as well as the number of files to merge.

The above is an example of a video with a capacity of about 100MB, you can use HJSplit to join files with larger capacity, up to several dozen GB. The utility does not limit the amount of files to pair.

If you regularly use and create PDFs, you can Cut the PDF file with PDF Split or Merge to easily share on the internet as well as merge PDF files together easily.


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