Split files simply and quickly with WinRAR

Dividing compressed files with WinRAR is a way to help users share to upload pages faster, so how to split those compressed files. Here we will guide you how to perform, refer to offline.

You are trying to split a compressed file to make it easy to upload or share with friends on the Internet. The following article will guide you how to split a compressed file easily with WinRar tool. So with Winrar we can both compress files and can cut files, very convenient for sending files, sharing files on the internet.

Split files with WinRAR software

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Step 1: To use this trick, your computer must be install winRAR.

After installing this software on your computer, Winrar will automatically integrate into the system. So you can easily compress any folder or file quickly without having to open the software.

To conduct compression and splitting the compressed file, select the folder you want to compress and right-click and drag down the line Add to Archive …

download winrar

Step 2: After selecting Add to Archive, a window will appear to set the file compression mode. In this window, click enter the name of the archive in the Archive name folder.

Then pick down Archive Format to choose the compressed file format is Rar or Zip.

download winrar

After you’ve selected the format, go to the cell with the line Split to volumes, zize to perform a split file compression.
You can set the file splitting to the default rate that the development team or the compression ratio itself. After dividing. Please press OK, got it to another step.


Step 3: After pressing OK, got it, the system will automatically compress and divide the compressed file into different parts. The time of compressing and splitting Winrar compressed files will depend on the size of the compressed file

download winrar

After the compression process is successful, the files will be split as shown below.

splitting the file on the latest winrar

Splitting compressed files makes it easy to share them with friends or on the Internet via email or social networks, where file sharing is often limited in size. In addition, this way of splitting the compressed file makes your compression time faster and does not take much time. Besides, you refer 7 best features of WinRAR to supplement knowledge and use many other good features of WinRAR


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