Split lyrics, create beat music, karaoke, record songs with Karaoke Anything

Conducting the separation, creating beat music, karaoke music on which software is the best? Download Karaoke Anything to help you get beat songs (Singer-free music) to make karaoke videos or instrumental music videos. So how to do it? Please refer to the content below of Taimienphi.vn

For new songs, it will take about a few months for us to reach the beat or karaoke version of the song. So if you want to sing a song that is HOT it’s not easy either. However, you can easily split the lyrics with Karaoke Anything software, and record new music today. Follow the instructions below to use Karaoke Anything software.

Split lyrics, record songs with Karaoke Anything:

First, if your device does not have Karaoke Anything, download it here: Download Karaoke Anything

Step 1: Open Karaoke Anything software on the computer -> Select File.

Step 2: Choose next Open.

How to write down the song

Step 3: Navigate to the folder containing the song, select the song and press Open.

How to write down the song

Step 4: The song will soon be converted to Beat Karaoke.

How to write down the song

Step 5: You can press Play to listen to the music and extract the lyrics.

How to write down the song

The song will be played with the lyrics separated by Karaoke anything.

How to write down the song

So you can completely separate lyrics with Karaoke Anything easily.

In fact, Karaoke Anything is not a strong software in the field of creating Beat. The features of Karaoke Anything are quite rudimentary compared to GoldWave. Conducting the separation of lyrics with GoldWave you will freely edit songs, split lyrics, get background music, ringtones and many other features.

To record a song, you need to set up the Microphone to sing Karaoke on your computer. This is something that many people cannot do, when the mic installation is not successful, the karaoke on the computer is hindered and creates many good beats but cannot sing. So, please refer to the online ways to successfully install a microphone on your computer.


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