Spotify is about to have a feature that allows you to block anyone who is “not pleasing to the eye”

Although it is an application platform that serves the main purpose of listening to music and sharing music, over the years, Spotify has continuously developed and added many community-based interactive features, thereby bringing the best quality to customers. to a large global “music ecosystem”.

However, as the community is increasingly enhanced, the troubles and conflicts surrounding the interaction between one user and the other appear more and more, asking Spotify to launch more features. help reduce that to some extent. One of such features is user blocking.

Currently, if you want to block someone on Spotify, you’ll need to contact the company’s customer service and ask them to revoke that person’s view and access to their profile and playlists. your. This is obviously a relatively complicated and time consuming process. However, on the upcoming Spotify update, you will just need to go to a person’s personal profile and block them if you want. Everything will be much simpler.

There are tons of different reasons why you might not want to interact with someone on Spotify. Also don’t want them to access your playlists and know what you’re listening to. Whatever the reason, this user-blocking feature is certainly a welcome change and will help make Spotify a safe, friendly entertainment, interactive environment for all.

Spotify has yet to announce the exact release date of this feature, but only says a new update will be rolling out in the coming weeks. will continue to update as soon as the latest information is available.


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