Spotify is about to have a pretty useful ratings feature

Spotify is finally adding a feature that has been requested by the user community for a long time, which is podcast ratings. Spotify users will soon be able to rate the show they just listened to. With podcasts increasingly becoming an entertainment option for many people, this little feature will come in handy for both listeners and writers alike. It allows listeners to easily express their views on the show, and also gives Spotify creators a new way to get their podcast noticed, accessible to a wide audience. than.

Podcast ratings give listeners the opportunity to support their favorite podcast shows, while creating a two-way interaction between author and listener,” Spotify said in a blog post.

After listening to the podcast for at least 30 seconds, users will have the option of rating it from one to five stars. The average rating and number of ratings for a podcast will be aggregated and displayed when the show has achieved at least ten ratings. This will be an important reference aspect for Spotify users to understand somewhat of the quality of the podcast’s content, and decide if they want to listen or not.

On the author’s side, Spotify said: “The ratings feature will also give creators a bird’s-eye view of their audience’s views of their product, which can then request more detailed feedback.“.

The podcast rating system will be rolled out gradually in the near future for Spotify users around the world. Although useful, the ratings are sometimes only for reference because they are easy to manipulate. There have been many cases of an author/work being boycotted by calling for a downgrade. In contrast, the situation where the author calls for positive ratings from friends and relatives is not uncommon.


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