Square chi 5 triệu USD để xây dựng cơ sở khai thác Bitcoin

Square invests 5 million USD to build Bitcoin ‘mine’

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Square spends 5 million USD to build Bitcoin mining facility

Square and Blockstream Mining will collaborate to build a solar-powered Bitcoin mining facility.

According to the announcement, Square will invest $5 million in a solar-powered Bitcoin mining facility. The company confirmed on Twitter that it is “committed to promoting the widespread adoption of renewable energy in the Bitcoin ecosystem.” And this is “proof of a Bitcoin mine using 100% renewable energy on a large scale”.

According to research, the Bitcoin mining sector currently consumes a lot of electricity and the pursuit of sustainable methods, using renewable energy in place of fossil fuels is a top concern for many in the world. branch.

Additionally, Square CEO Jack Dorsey recently tweeted that Square is “considering creating a hardware wallet for bitcoin.” This product will be built on open source code for the community.

In October 2020, Square invested $50 million in Bitcoin and continued to pour another $170 million in February this year. Square’s Cash users can now use the app to buy Bitcoin.

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